88The industry’s first mass production of remote control parking features to enhance the driving|The industry’s first mass production of remote control parking features to enhance the driving6

The industry’s first mass production of remote control parking features to enhance the auxiliary driving in Munich, Beijing, recently, BMW’s ability to innovate has once again been recognized by industry experts and the public. In mid September, the German automotive magazine motor "auto und Sport" and IT magazine "CHIP" jointly organized by the reader survey, the new BMW 7 series with a wealth of innovative technology won the Internet car award. In September 28th, Hannover international commercial show, German magazine "CarIT" released 2016 car networking report on innovation, last year in the remote parking feature on the new 7 series first show won 2016 CarIT awards ". The new BMW 7 system through intelligent Internet technology to better achieve the driver, vehicle and external environment. Among them, the innovative remote control parking function to participate in the selection of experts and readers left a particularly deep impression. The new BMW 7 series is the world’s first driver to achieve the remote control of vehicles in and out of the parking lot production vehicles. Just hold the BMW smart touch keys, the vehicle can command the vehicle out of the garage or parking spaces. With this innovative function, drivers do not need to worry about the narrow parking space. Before turning on the remote control function, the vehicle should be facing the parking lot or garage. Under the control of parking distance control system, automatic parking assist system and 360° system, the whole parking process can be completed in semi automatic driving mode. Drivers do not need to sit in the driver’s seat, but only stand outside the car observation. In the process of stopping, the driver can stop the vehicle at any time. In the Chinese market, with 2017 remote parking function BMW 750Li xDrive customized version of the standard, and can be found in the other 7 models available. The German magazine "CarIT" is a focus on Internet travel publications, since 2010, the magazine every year with the German independent third party organization of automobile management center to conduct a "car Networking Innovation" investigation and research, and announced a global car networking in the field of innovation ability of the enterprise and national ranking. This year’s selection of innovative technologies were introduced in 2015, led by the German automotive management center Professor Stefan Bratzel jury eventually won the crown of BMW’s remote control parking system. "Auto Motor und Sport" and "CHIP" reader selection this year is the third held, a total of 11 categories of more than 80 science and technology finalists. Received more than 32 thousand votes, of which nearly 13 of readers choose to support BMW. About BMW brand automobile BMW Beijing express Po BMW motorcycle BMW I BMW M in Beijing area, the whole series of products authorized dealers – Beijing express Hing brand BMW series authorized dealers – Beijing express Xingbao inquiries please to: Beijing express Hing 4S Center Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 19 sales service to call: 400-681-6280:

85Merrill Lynch reiterated that China coal energy buy rating target price of HK $5|Merrill Lynch reiterated that China coal energy buy rating target price of HK $52

Merrill Lynch reiterated that China coal energy buy rating target price of HK $5 of capital flows thousands of thousands of hot column stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client for sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Merrill Lynch issued a research report, to enhance Chinese power coal price forecast, 2016 forecast by 6% to 445 yuan per ton (i.e. 5% YoY), means that the fourth quarter of this year amounted to 520 yuan per ton, up 41%, reflecting a strong rebound in prices since September. The bank also increased 2017 in 2018 and 12% to 14% power coal price forecasting, respectively to 480 and 500 yuan. The line is expected in Newcastle, Australia, steam coal prices rose 9% to $60 per ton in the next two years to $10%. The Bank of Australia coal prices relatively China estimates, -3% to +4% premium. At the same time, the bank also raised the forecast price of Chinese coking coal in the next two years to 14% to 39%, to $742 and $900. Another line to enhance the price of hard coal shipping forecast 27% to 47%. Merrill Lynch reiterated on coal energy (01898.HK) "buy" rating, target price of HK $5 to maintain. The material of coal energy in the second half of the year recurring profit can rise, increase next year forecast earnings per share in 2016 from 0.07 yuan rose to 0.12 yuan in 2017, from 0.12 yuan to 0.16 yuan. The valuation of coal energy equivalent to only 2017 forecast PBR 0.56 times, not expensive. Merrill Lynch lifting Chinese Shenhua (01088.HK) 7% target price to HK $16, and the next two years to enhance earnings per share forecast respectively 6% and 11%, maintain rating of ‘neutral’, because of the improvement in the coal business, and reasonable valuation factors, by the power business equity returns decline offset. Merrill Lynch said that the prospect of coking coal prices upward, expected annual this year were up 6% and 21%, accounting for coking coal in Yanzhou coal industry (01171.HK) business about 25%, which will be the Yancoal rating from "underperform" to "neutral", target price increased 30% to HK $6.5, equivalent to 2017 forecast arrival rate 0.7 times. The bank and enhance earnings forecasts for the next two years were 20% and 44%, respectively, to $0.27 and $0.41. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion