1-2 was losing streak – Serie A inter world wave sent Thornton Eder-incubus

Inter – 1-2 was serie a losing streak Adair world wave Thornton send some face saving goals scored Adair Tencent October 23rd sports news Beijing standard time evening 21 when the ninth round of Serie A, a focus of the war, the international Milan 1-2 away defeat to Atlanta, League encounter losing streak. Atlanta Maroel Ioli corner xianbatouchou, Adair world wave tied, but left before Thornton sent a penalty kick hit a foul, Pinilla, helping Atlanta win 2-1. The game focus at Inter gave up after several rounds of the league with 4231 lineups, to play the 433, Perisic, icardi, Eder composed of Trident, which represents 100th inter play in Serie A, icardi. Blo R Vecchi starts in midfield, Candreva, and other players as Hatomo Yuto Banega came out of rotation. Atlanta, inter old handsome Gasperini against the old master. Match nowadays with light rain. Tenth minutes, Atlanta xianbatouchou, Le Havre out of the right corner, before Kurtic header ferry, after Marcelo close range header! Atlanta 1-0 lead. Inter before the 9 round of the Serie A in the past 8 games into a backward situation, hit the Serie A season so far. Thirteenth minutes, Atlanta had another victory, Andre Conti received drammeh pass in the left, 4 meters away from the door at the top near distance, the ball was saved Handanovic magic. Forty-first minutes, Thornton left the cut 25 meters away from the door outside shots, which is actually the opening date for the first time inter leipzig. Before half-time, Toloi was replaced by injury. Easy side battles. Fiftieth minutes, inter 25 meters away from the door outside indirect free kick, Blo R Vecchi wave, Adair force outside the instep shooting ball, channeling the goal right on the corner! Inter tied 1-1. This is the fiftieth Serie A goals erdre. Since then Gasperini protest penalty, the referee asked to stand. Fifty-ninth minutes, received a pass hole to header Leipzig ball saved by Handanovic Shen yong. Sixty-fifth minutes, Atlanta’s Le cross from the left, pinila close range header Gongmen Handanovic. Eightieth minutes, Thornton cross from the left, icardi ball, Perisic 12 meters away from the door to the left foot shot, the ball was goalkeeper. Eighty-fifth minutes, Perisic left the breakthrough low pass, Mario arc top right foot shot, the ball hit back after the goalkeeper was obtained. Eighty-seventh minutes, Thornton in the restricted area put the shovel over Casey, the referee whistled for a penalty! Pinilla surgeon kick into the goal, he vigorously left corner! Atlanta 2-1 lead. The line-up of Atlanta (3-5-2): 1- 5-, 3- toloy Marcelo berisa (25- hole, forty-fifth minutes), 13- Carle 24- Andre – Conti, Dara Casey, 19- 11-, 27- 93-, Kurtic Le Havre drammeh 29- petagna (51- pinila, sixty-second minutes), 10- Haley jandro – Gomes (Ghalia Dini 4- eighty-first minutes), Milan International (4-3-3): 1- Handanovic 55- Hatomo Yuto (15- Ansaldi, sixty-first minutes), 25- Miranda, 24- 21-, Thornton Murillo) – Joao 6-相关的主题文章: