2 billion into the C2B SAIC chase differentiated SUV Red Sea – Sohu car 7470d

2 billion input C2B: SAIC chase differentiation SUV break the "Red Sea" – Sohu automobile consumers want to buy the lowest with the product, and to the high part of the configuration, the past is impossible, even high-end custom luxury cars, but also in the cortex and in color. However, SAIC’s SAIC chase D90 can be achieved. Following the July SAIC chase released "my @MAXUS" platform, officially announced the first SUV into the C2B and the C2B D90 car customization era, is confirmed by the users, the first time for activities that blind user gains, SAIC chase second blind set activities will also recently launched. SAIC chase C2B intelligent mass customization in C client allows users to say, with millions of users simultaneously online communication, learn the user suggestions, to create personalized products; on the B side, the formation of intelligent plant, distributed manufacturing technology, and let the supplier directly with the user communication, to the user to meet the plan. Finally, SAIC chase created by users of large cars to drive C2B smart, will likely have to change the traditional way of the car line, personalized and intelligent fusion of mass production cars, will become a Ford T car production line and the TOYOTA production mode, change the direction of the third round of the repairer. C2B to build differentiated SAIC chase into the C2B business is by no means accidental. D90, is a simultaneous business, SAIC chase launched the first real sense of private users of SUV passenger car. Although in recent years, the SUV market has become the independent brand "land" in the market made fortunes of the independent brand enterprises in the minority, however, with the SUV market, SUV market has become their own brand of military a hotly contested spot, and there is increasing trend. Only in April this year, the Beijing auto show, there are 60 kinds of SUV products listed, SAIC chase SUV D90 is one of them. With SAIC chase in the passenger area of breaking a key battle mission D90, how competitive differentiation has become a problem placed in front of SAIC chase. 4 "into the industrial era, the product the user experience beyond the price can reflect the value of user participation in the entire process of value creation become the core game in development for transparency and sharing, the relationship between car companies and users must be reconstructed, C2B will become the next change in the direction of Ford T car production line and TOYOTA mode of production after the automotive industry." SAIC vice president Lan Qingsong said. The customization has become the breakthrough point, the main reason is the SAIC chase original business, through cross-border innovation, horizontal coverage, wide body passenger and light MPV, RV, SUV, pickup and other products, user customization orders ratio as high as 40%. Prior to the school bus, police cars, medical ambulances, refrigerated vehicles, tools, vehicles, logistics vehicles, vaccines and other customized experience. At present, the mainstream models are generally available to customers more than 20 kinds of models, and SAIC chase will have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. SAIC Chase has been formed in the development of personalized, customized)相关的主题文章: