2016 Silk Road Cultural star language contest finals and awards ceremony t420s

2016 Silk Road Cultural star language contest finals and awards ceremony in September 18th 2016, the Silk Road culture Star language contest finals and awards ceremony held at the Changan campus of Xi’an finance. The contest sponsored by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of culture, Xi Tang Academy Education Technology Co., contractors, Xi’an Youth International Mansion, Earl Haig EA Canada International Education Group and Xi’an Institute of Finance and Economics international and Communist Youth League joint implementation. Shaanxi Provincial Department of culture at the club Li Xianxia on behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of culture attended the finals and awards ceremony, organizers of this competition, Xi Tang college dean Zhang Yunxia on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the report on the progress of the contest. It is understood that the contest with the theme: China dream, New Silk Road, new energy, new sound. The language + culture as the core theme, covering kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, and college students in China, through keynote speeches, drama performance, PPT speech, show the rich and colorful game propaganda China cultural spirit, spread The Belt and Road "voice contest started until September from in March, the schedule includes online registration and audition, the qualifying match and finals. The contest started in Xi’an, Xianyang, Baoji, Weinan, Hanzhoung, health and other cities, some remote areas such as Xunyi, Pucheng, Baihe etc are also widely organize students to participate actively, players can carry out online registration through the official website and WeChat, can also carry out line registration. In June 15th, after the multi tense preparation, 2016 Silk Road culture Star language contest will meet the media was held in the multi-purpose hall of Shaanxi provincial library, and obtained more than and 20 national media publicity. In July 20th 2016, the Silk Road culture Star language style contest Baoji division qualifying race and the "The Belt and Road" language training + English teaching international exchange forum held in Baoji high tech first middle school, more than the United States, Canada and Shaanxi province well-known principals and senior experts in education, and Shaanxi Province, more than 40 English teacher workshops "the English teachers to explore the" The Belt and Road "strategy and global talent training needs. In August and early September, after the organizing committee had a round of interviews in Xi’an, Xianyang, Baoji and Weinan, children group, young group and old group primary school primary school, junior high school, high school and university group group group to elect a total of more than 60 players qualified for the final. In order to ensure the authority and the International Finals of the organizing committee invited in Canada three a total of 5 experts in English teaching as the judges, senior translator, snow research experts, members, China Writers Association and former president of the Shaanxi Translation Association of Sino US Cultural Research Association’s teacher was hired for the wonderful comments group of judges the performance of students. After four hours of intense competition, the level of their selected winners 1, excellence award 3. Finally, in line with the principles of fairness and justice, after the jury vote, the organizing committee selected the 2 excellent players as the Silk Road culture Star language contest ambassadors from the 6 champion, their teacher also obtained the contest of the bole.相关的主题文章: