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4 days 10 billion LETV evaporation, actually tore up a Lei – Sohu in science and technology in a strategic adjustment of the open letter yesterday, the boss: "Jia Yueting on the fast pace of money expansion: Farewell to receive 1 yuan annual salary" voluntary, and the music on the hot, but the letter seems to echo all music as the three or four storm day. Eight you summarize several core points: eight letter words to interpret Jia Jun boss’s words, is "not as money." As the storm, before and after the whole grilled a steak, far more than did the boss of this open letter is even more striking another rumor "LETV billion market value evaporated 3 days: investors dream to pay?" By blasting the capital chain tension has attracted the attention of the huge amount of money owed. Rumors that the music as the capital chain tension, about 10000000000 suppliers in arrears, has been refused supply. Even in order to ensure the smooth start of the super car, music, as well as other aspects of employee wages and other aspects of the glorious news. Today is the one disaster after another, LETV dropped fourth consecutive trading days, more brutal and today one day, LETV market value evaporated 2 billion 683 million yuan, a total of four shares fell 14.62% days, four days a total of 12 billion 831 million yuan LETV market value evaporated. (at this time to hold Jia boss… Real heart aches) fame super LETV once fame LETV, expanding music as ecological industry, known as LETV to build seven ecological subsystem: Internet, content, big screen, mobile phone, automobile, sports, Internet financial. (yes, in front of all seven industry to add a super two words) to talk about the super Internet: no matter how the concept of the Internet with no reality whatever, but for now, BAT fourth, is the music? Then began to rely on video music as early as the acquisition of a large number of Chinese cabbage video copyright, with the emphasis on intellectual property rights, these videos into the music as a valuable resource, thus forming the current super content. Then, Jia boss with super vision, to start the sale of smart tv. The video tied to the TV, and this mode of play fast in music on tv. The development of super mobile phones can prove that the boss is not just a businessman, but a super ambition. However, that is, but not a super mobile phone down, you can understand the main purpose of television is to use the video, but the main purpose is not to see the video phone. Music as a super mobile phone is a bit difficult to do. To the super super bike car later, Jia boss gave us invented to have not seen some terms and concepts, to hear a lot of stories, people eat melon when watching the press conference the tears are sparkling, the music seems to really become the super LETV, and super invincible. As to the people the impression that "music has been in the burn, has never been surpassed". Where can I get so much money? But because of a rumor that the market value of the evaporation of murder LETV, why looks fragile? In the deep mire, the open letter Jia boss, is that music is really not burn, why not burn? Because, No.相关的主题文章: