4 people rented car to peddle online transactions with buyers in Beijing – photo www.678mmm.com

4 people rented car to peddle online transactions with buyers in the new photo – Northeast news network October 25th October 10th, Ranghulu Public Security Bureau uncovered a fraud case, 4 men joint crime, car rental, have forged procedures, there are specialized in selling online, also have a professional driver. When selling cars, they really put others’ car as their own, because the investment is too deep, but also with the car people posed for pictures. As a result, everyone gets a bracelet". Four partnership wealth Zhao, Qian, Sohn and Lee is a good friend, there is no serious work, usually love to get together to drink a little wine, blowing bragging. One day, 4 people while drinking a small wine to study money, Zhao said, he found a secret to get rich, to rent a car rental company, and then sell it, one can earn a lot of money. Money to open his mouth no, car rental procedures, who dare to buy ah, this road is not. Qian Mou just fell, Zhao said that he can get the formalities. See Zhao said relaxed, the other three people agreed. August 20th, Zhao came to a car rental company, said he came to a friend, want to rent a car with friends around the city. According to the requirements of the car rental company, Zhao to produce their identity documents, pay part of the deposit, put a TOYOTA car out. Zhao quickly with the other three people together, everyone around the car to turn a few laps, looking at the car, as if the money is coming. The sale transaction at midnight that night, 4 people living in a hotel, money and Sunmou sitting in front of the computer, sell the TOYOTA car information linked to the Internet, in order to sell as soon as possible, offer 45 thousand yuan, was linked to the Internet, someone asked him. The money on the Internet with the deal, Zhao and Sohn forged this car relevant evidence, in order to let the buyer convinced, Zhao written an IOU, and forged an agreement agreement written on the owners owe him money, because not, with this TOYOTA car top account. Looking at the fake evidence, they all believed it. Buy a home in Suihua, feel the car is very cheap, a taxi from Suihua to Daqing to catch the night. Day zero, Suihua came to the man, and Zhao 4 people meet in Wanda Plaza, two men appeared to be very cautious, see Zhao the formalities, the 4 of you made him a word, quickly dispel the concerns of people buy a car. Transaction. Four people also buy a car with a photo. All of the group appearing in August 21st, car rental companies view the vehicle trajectory, found the car in the car and hurried to the boundary of Suihua, Zhao, Zhao show off. The car rental company report, Ranghulu Public Security Bureau after receiving the report, the criminal investigation team captain Wang Waiwei four, scout Chen Xi composed of task force, according to Zhao rental to provide identity documents, the two sides have offered a photo taken when the police were searching for information. Wanted online for second days, money is a restaurant to have dinner with a friend by the investigators arrested. At this time, Sohn three people know things, in the powerful psychological offensive, came to the branch of surrender, the case is currently processing. (Wen Yuanyouyang)相关的主题文章: