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Home-Appliances Close your eyes for a second – and think about your dining table. What do you see? A piece of furniture that youd bought a couple of years ago, where you and your spouse and your children gather around every morning and evening for their breakfasts and dinners? Or, do you see a work of art – something that can be the center of your home interiors – something that you can proudly show your guests while they gape at its sheer design, placement, and divinity? Most of the households in our country dont see dining tables more than a table and a couple of chairs to sit upon during eating times. And thats something that pains me – or will pain anybody who knows that dining tables can be so much more than in homes. Now if you have some time to redefine the looks of your interiors, I have some 11 tips for you. So are you ready for the turnaround? Im assuming that you have a dining table at home. If you dont have one, buy one. Believe me, you wouldnt regret the purchase. But make a smart choice. Go to some homes and see the dining tables there. Go online and see the dining tables in all their glory. And then buy one that looks and smells divine. Tip 1) A little polish can make a big (and beautiful) difference to your dining table and to your mood If your dining table is a couple of years old, make it new and young with a little polish. Paints and brushes do not cost more. And 2-3 hours are more than enough to finish the work. Tip 2) Keep the table top clean, always You know this, right? But how often in the day you see your table top clean? Its always messy, right? So, today, promise yourself that youd take good care of your table. Tip 3) Change your dining table position, slightly Often, small changes bring out big results. This is especially true in the case of dining tables. Try it to see it. Tip 4) Keep an aroma candle nearby your table Air filled with divine aromas do magic to your mood, to your appetite. Aroma candles do not cost much and can be ordered on an online store. Believe me, the entire dining experience will take a big leap. Tip 5) Buy a hardwood table This is purely optional – dining tables made of hardwood, such as Mahogany and Maple, look royal and last longer. Engineered and composite woods, such as veneers or plywood, are also good alternatives to hard wood, but they cannot match the appeal that hardwood lends to your space. Were done for now. If youre new in the city and are looking for a temporary furniture or furniture on rent in Gurgaon, you can get them all from an apartment furniture rental service provider. Just make sure you select a trusted service provider when considering furniture on rent in Gurgaon . Your service provider makes a lot of difference to your experience – so do a lot of homework before you go and get the furniture for your home. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: