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5G face the multi game income benefits to promote resistance or redistribution of 5G propulsion resistance face the multi game spectrum resources to be shared interests or income redistribution of Zhang Jingchao held in the days before the seventeenth China wireless technology and the application of the general assembly, the three major telecom operators have been given a 5G schedule, and strive in 2020 to achieve commercial 5G network. At the same time, the Ministry of industry recently issued a "national radio management plan (2016 – 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"). "Planning" proposed for the upcoming 5G provides a basic guarantee of spectrum resources, in 2020, reserves of not less than 500MHz of spectrum resources. The new "plan" introduced, the three basic telecom operators have drying out a timetable, 5G commercial process will bring about what changes? In the industry view, the basic technical issues of 5G has not yet been resolved, before the formal 5G standard finalized, there are a large number of variables in the communications industry, it is difficult to predict. 5G standard has been settled in 2020 as an important means of communication technology in the future, 5G system is an important infrastructure for information driven modernization, building a network power, providing universal service. Countries around the world have accelerated strategic layout in 5G technology, spectrum, standards and industrialization. The United States in July this year the first division of the high frequency spectrum for 5G mobile broadband operators, South Korea proposed 5G commercial trial will be carried out in 2018, in support of the Pingchang Olympics, Japan plans to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo before the implementation of commercial 5G. According to the Ministry of deployment, China’s 5G basic research and development will be carried out in 2016 to 2018, in order to seize market opportunities, the three operators have launched a preliminary layout. It is reported that China Mobile plans at the end of 2016 to the end of 2017, the 5G system of proof of concept, to break the bottleneck of industry; China Unicom plans to the end of 2016, the completion of 5G end to end network architecture layout key technology; 5G technology to test the scale of China Telecom is expected in 2018 will be the implementation of the frequency below 6GHz and pre commercial trial. 5G announced that most of the news is not reliable, and now the only sure is that 5G’s global technical standards to be finalized in 2020." The TMT industry analyst Xiang Ligang told reporters that the domestic 5G development and planning and the world is synchronous, the countries in the world are in the stage of experiment, because there is no uniform standard, so all the countries in the spectrum resources can not be shared, the so-called "5G" is only used in a small range, no roaming. In the process of unifying the standard, there are a lot of variables, some technologies need to regulate. So China is not eager to prematurely license, open resources." Xiang Ligang said that even after the technical standard is determined, 5G commercial terminal equipment needs to be supported, however, the maturity of the terminal equipment often need to take more than a year after the standard finalized to improve. Faced with the lack of spectrum resources TMT independent analyst Fu Liang believes that both the base station or terminal, China’s 5G technology in the whole theory相关的主题文章: