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9 new personality short hair change fashion people rely on it to read: who says girls should be a shawl long hair? The 9 latest fashionable hair modeling today Xiaobian bring, or fresh and charming, or with frankness, or sweet, let a person see the heart, it is no wonder that more and more people are sought after, Amy mm read is not also have the urge to cut a short hair for their own personality? Source: Beauty net STYLE 1 STYLE 1, this brown short hair with 37 points of bangs out of the volume, the hair at the end of a strong sense of modeling, like the British fairy tale princess, sweet and lovely heart stirring. STYLE 2 STYLE 2 has a layer of reddish brown micro hair short hair, in the increasingly popular neutral style and Boyfriend wind today, simply handsome do not want, handsome and cool handsome parallel, the rate of return must be high! STYLE 3 STYLE 3 red wine Bob fresh capable, 46 points to Liu Haiqi down the face contour, modeling chic and elegant, and thick texture at the end have a charming. STYLE 4 STYLE 4 thin air bangs, coupled with a long and earlobes red brown involute Bob, elegant temperament is not blowing, put the Buddha saw that "Rome vacation" in Hepburn? STYLE 5 STYLE 5, this short brown hair with 46 points of bangs, plus the tail of the curl curl up, bringing a summer like sunflower like refreshing natural feeling, suitable for art small fresh girl. STYLE 6 STYLE 6, this deep brown short hair focuses on the big waves at 46 bangs, which makes people shine, with a small wave at the end of the hair, effectively modifying the facial curve, and full of personality. STYLE 7 STYLE 7 simple neat red brown hair and long ear lobes, 46 points while bangs caught in the ear after the other, simply straightforward, let you become the queen resolute aura. STYLE 8 STYLE 8 46 bangs, smooth and clean inner Bob, fresh and full of personality, flaxen hair can make the whole people brighten, let you become the focus of the crowd. STYLE 9 STYLE 9. Does this short hair make a pottery doll coming out of a cupboard? After eyebrow Bang can lining the big eyes, and the cheeks on both sides of the hair was moonfaced woman’s savior, plump face adorable girl..

9款最新个性短发 变身时尚达人就靠它   导读:谁说女生就应该一头披肩长发?来看小编今天带来的这9款最新时尚短发造型,或清新迷人,或随性率真,或甜美可爱,让人看了心动不已,难怪越来越受时尚达人们的追捧,各位爱美的mm看完是不是也有冲动来剪一个适合自己的个性短发呢?来源:爱美网 STYLE 1   STYLE 1   这款棕色短发以三七分的刘海向外微卷,发尾处造型感强烈的卷烫,宛如英伦童话故事里的公主,甜美可爱让人心动不已。 STYLE 2   STYLE 2   有层次的红棕色微卷短发,在日渐流行中性造型和Boyfriend风的今天,简直帅得不要不要的,清秀与酷帅并行,回头率一定高! STYLE 3   STYLE 3   酒红色的波波头清爽干练,四六分的刘海起到收小面部轮廓的作用,造型知性优雅,而发尾处的厚重质感有带来一份妩媚。 STYLE 4   STYLE 4   轻薄的空气刘海,加上长至耳垂处的红棕色内卷波波头,优雅的气质扑面而来,是不是放佛看到了当年《罗马假期》里的赫本呢? STYLE 5   STYLE 5   这款棕色短发以四六分的刘海,加上发尾处的外翻卷翘,带来如夏天的向日葵般清爽自然的感觉,适合文艺小清新的女生哦。 STYLE 6   STYLE 6   这款深棕色短发的重点在于四六分刘海处的大波浪,令人眼前一亮,搭配发尾处有层次的小波浪,有效修饰面部曲线,造型个性十足。 STYLE 7   STYLE 7   简单利落的红棕色短发长至耳垂,四六分的刘海一边夹在耳后,造型干脆率性,让你成为雷厉风行气场十足的霸气女王。 STYLE 8   STYLE 8   四六分的刘海,干净利落的内卷波波头,清爽且充满个性,而亚麻色的短发能把整个人提亮,让你成为人群中的焦点哦。 STYLE 9   STYLE 9   这款短发是不是让人像从柜子里走出来的陶娃娃呢?过眉毛的刘海能衬出大大的眼睛,而脸颊两边的短发简直就是圆脸妹子的救星,面部微胖的萌妹子必选。相关的主题文章: