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93% of respondents believe that the star high income limit "price paid advice" – Sohu   entertainment; users recommend limiting the price paid Chinese Star Youth Daily reported in September 9th professor of Shanghai Theater Academy, vice chairman of Shanghai Film Association, Ishikawa believes that the high paycheck is because of lack of a good actor after all this excellent resource supply market. At the same time, too much hot money in the film and television industry, the shortage of high-quality resources will take a buying behavior, and finally who can get a good actor is to look at the price. In August 26th, the State Press and publication administration party issued "on patrol rectification briefing", stressed the need to resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and wealth. 8 on day 29, the NPC Standing Committee on the "People’s Republic of China Film Industry Promotion Law (Draft)" for instance, to strengthen the supervision and punishment on the box office grossing false concealed behavior, and the provisions of the theater made films show the lowest long. Recently, a survey China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire of 3402 people, 93.7% of respondents think the current high star paycheck, 59.8% of respondents supported the limit price paid star "". 61.2% of respondents believe that high paycheck is the film industry investment quick, quick money by 67% of the respondents think that star paycheck should be acting with hooks, 57.3% of the respondents recommended standard of fee star signing rules. 93.7% of the respondents think that the current high star paycheck survey, 93.7% of respondents think the current high star paycheck, among them, 63.6% of the respondents think that very high, feel "too high" and "high" proportion is only 3% and 0.2% respectively. Du Qingchun, associate professor of the Department of film and literature at Beijing Film Academy, said that a work in the market, the brand value and appeal in the absence of other factors, can only rely on the stars. Although the stars can not guarantee the box office, but at least is a clear sign". If the producer is attractive, or have the quality of visual effect, director, story, the weight of the star will decline, but other weights too weak, then the weight of the star will be enhanced, asking price is high." Survey, 51% of respondents like to see the star drama, and 38.1% of respondents felt that in general, about 6.4% of respondents do not like, and 4.6% of respondents do not like. Beijing, a college sophomore Lu Yaojia is an idol drama lovers, but recently felt some aesthetic fatigue. "High value Yan small meat is really good to hear or see, but if the long-term acting" online ", plus" idiotic "story, want to catch up with him." Lu Yaojia said that now there is a new idol drama, then she will look at the first two sets of evaluation about it, do not give up on a decisive look. The audience will not only look at a few actors show figure Yan yan." Du Qingchun said, now some stars took the high performance fee but not, on their own artistic requirements low, and some only to the crew for a short time, even at the same time across the filming. Star is not good to get a good job after the show, the need for professional self-discipline." .相关的主题文章: