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Health The word Asthma .es from the Greek meaning to pant and really that is the singular most .mon asthma symptom and characterized the disease. During asthma attack the bronchial tubes and airways get swollen or even blocked .pletely, making it difficult for the sufferer to breathe. .pared to the Greek, the medical term for asthma is more of a mouthful: reversible obstructive airway disease; although this can be shortened to ROAD. The medical term is a little more revealing: asthma is reversible, meaning that asthma treatment is available. Treatment more often than not involves asthma medication that opens up the airways again and reduces the severity of the attack. However, there is increasing research done into ways of preventing asthma attacks all together or at least improve the body’s ability to cope when any attack occurs. This asthma treatment is often natural, and reduces the need for any strong medication. Often, essential vitamins available in the diet can be used to both reduce the risks of asthma attacks, and reduce the severity of asthma symptoms. Knowing the Cause of Asthma The first step in asthma treatment, whether the natural root is taken or not, is to ask what the cause of your attacks is. Asthma is generally caused by an allergy, but the allergen could be anything from dust and pollen, to alcohol or pet dander; or even air-conditioning. Reducing the Risks of Asthma Attacks Part of any asthma treatment should be exercise and some light sports activity. Care must always be made not to overdo it, as this can trigger an asthma attack, but exercise can certainly improve the lungs capacity to withstand an attack when it does occur. Part of an exercise regimen for the treatment of asthma is to make sure you take time to warm up and cool off. Don’t attempt to push yourself and stop if you feel very tired. A Familiar Vitamin It seems that vitamin C is an effective treatment in almost every .mon disease or health concern. While it is certainly not a nutritional panacea – other vitamins are just as essential – vitamin C plays a role in reducing the effects of a number of diseases, asthma being no exception. Studies have indicated that asthma treatment that includes plenty of vitamin C in the diet or as a supplement can reduce the number and risk of attacks. This vitamin is an antioxidant and its presence is necessary for building up lung tissue. A study done in young asthmatics showed that vitamin C in asthma treatment reduced the occurrence of symptoms considerably. Another recent study also indicated that by upping vitamin C intake, the frequency of asthma attacks could be reduced. The study also tested the blood of those who participated and it found that those who suffered from asthma had lower levels of vitamin C. It is advisable to include fresh citrus fruits in the diet, and with extra supplementation vitamin C can be used as a natural asthma treatment without the side-effects of conventional medicine. Asthma treatment should bear this in mind and ensure that an adequate amount of vitamin C is part of the asthma treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: