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Data-Recovery There are two major types of backup programs. The first category includes file-based backup techniques that can be used to save application data. However, IT professionals cannot use these procedures to save applications. Image-based backup techniques in the second category are more advanced and therefore can save the entire hard disk of a .puter as an image. Most users prefer a file based backup approach to protect critical information. However, a number of pros and cons are associated with this method. The process is much like taking copies of all the documents of the employees machine in to external media such as .pact disks. Most versions of this category select changed documents since the last backup process and save those files application data. However, more advanced versions can automatically save all the files residing on user-specified locations. File-based backup techniques offer two main advantages. It facilitates a speedy and convenient backup process because the entire procedure is associated with less data transferring. Therefore, these information protection methods might attract .panies that deal with a large number of .puters and information users. The other advantage is that backup information needs mush less space in external media. Data restored by techniques that backup .plete hardware contents are more space consuming. Image-based backup techniques also have several pros and cons. These programs can restore and copy all the hardware contents regardless of the document function or type. This is hugely beneficial when a machine experiences a severe system failure. In this case, the IT staff can use the saved disk image to easily transfer the backed up hard disk and reinstall it free on a new machine. Since this is a full hard disk backup, there will be no issues of forgotten files. Of course the process facilitates simple as well as worry-free data restoring. A few drawbacks are associated with this process too. Image-based backup techniques are relatively time consuming. Therefore performing periodic information backup procedures with this method can be discouraging for certain .panies. However, overlooking the importance of data protection can lead to increased exposure of data to possible risks that can be devastating. A minor problem of the method is that backup data needs relatively more storage space. Which technique is right? .pany requirements are not uniform. Even the organization size can determine its needs. If your firm has few machines and information users, file-based backup procedures will be more advantageous. Image-based backup is more suitable for an IT staff that deals with a large number of machines. It is also the ideal technique for .panies that heavily rely on error-free backups. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: