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Adelaide citizens committed to build for the Nan’ao Chinese real estate resources platform – Beijing Beijing in October 23 Adelaide Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) Australia 2016 exhibitions in Adelaide station opened in Adelaide on 23 may. Australia general manager of the newspaper group, the Organizing Committee Chairman Hu Zuofan said, we hope that through exhibitions, to build a comprehensive platform for real estate resources, the formation of the Nan’ao Chinese house, buy a house, housing loans, one-stop service platform, service can be made of real Nan’ao Asian American community real estate fair. Colliers International Nan’ao CEO James? Yang also said at the opening ceremony, Colliers International is a leader in the real estate investment industry, will focus on helping China buyers in Nan’ao and Australia to establish special investment plan. To reveal the degree of importance for Asian investors, Colliers established Nan’ao Asia incentive strategy, established a new Asia Pacific Division, and will continue to encourage cooperation and collaboration with the Chinese investors to invest in Nan’ao. Colliers International Nan’ao CEO James? Yang address. Wang Xiaotong, according to reports, in 2015 China’s real estate investment in Australia has grown to 24 million Australian dollars (about $1 is equal to RMB 5 yuan). In the past 10 years, this figure has continued to rise. It is reported that the current housing fair a total of more than 30 exhibitors, direct related industries include: real estate developers, real estate agents, builders, etc.. In addition, also invited the home improvement, banking, loan intermediary, energy companies, legal advice, moving companies and other derivatives. At the same time, also brought together about 50 small businesses for consumer information. And the previous exhibitions in Adelaide Australia station intersection compared to this year’s property prices trend gradually higher, and the price rise is controlled in the range of about 2%, the number of new development projects is also higher than last year. 2016 Australia exhibitions in Adelaide station is organized by the Australian Chinese Media Association, Colliers International and Australian newspaper group.相关的主题文章: