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Web-Development The Magento ecommerce is the fastest growing open source ecommerce platform on the internet and its gain steadily popularity among online merchants as creating there online shopping cart website. In today’s market scenario business are becoming more and more competitive in every aspect. Magento Development is one of the open sources shopping cart software that meet today’s competitive business requirement. Magento come with lots of advance and some amazing features, here I share some top advantages of select Magento over other open source shopping cart. * Multi-Store Functionality If you have more than one online store or you thing to developing more online store in feature then Magento web store will be your first choice because it’s come with multi web store functionality that do all the administrator task at single backend admin panel. All though you have multiple store, you will generate report for individual store track the purchases and customer details, top selling item, discount and many other reports. * Live Currency Update Every online shopping cart which featured multiple currency option required to manually update the currency rate. In today’s market exchange rate are varying daily so, it is quite pain to do it manually. If you are using Magento Platform than good news is, Magento currency module directly link to WebServiceX and automatically update rates. * Huge Spreadsheet Import Import function of Magento is excellent. If you have a huge list of product it is easy to import in Magento, especially when you first time build a web store, integrate online store or add new products. * Unlimited Product and Purchases There is no limit on uploading product or purchases because it’s come with open source tag so, it’s free (standard version) and not required monthly fee like other shopping cart. * Store Previous Order Details for Reorder Repeat Business is best business where the acquisition costs have already been incurred. Magento store your customer previous order information in their accounts page whenever they login again previous order detail show in their account. So, reorder facility is just one click away. * Search Engine Friendly Magento ecommerce come with inbuilt SEO feature that helps you to create unique title, Meta, keywords, xml date for your website which enables you to achieve good ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing * Clear Code Structure Magento is well defined with core code, third party code or community code marked by a clear difference of line. A well defined code structure allows users to download other extensions or modules without worrying about the impact of future upgrades or functionality of current website * Easy Integration Magento connect with Web application as well as Standalone application with help of extensible API. It easily integrate with ERP system, Account system, Management tools, Email tools and many more. This extensible API help business to gain flexibility according to changing requirement * Magento Community Support Magento has huge community with thousands of professional Magento developers and Magento designers. This make easier to get help from other Magento experts. In addition a thousand of extension designed for Magento platform which are free and commercial that help to customize Magento store in a variety of way using third party extensions. Those are few advantages of Magento Ecommerce which make it best for developing online web store. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: