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Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong alma mater speech: "double eleven" I want to come out of the Sohu rather baffling Chinese technology known as the old complex, on the Internet is no exception. The afternoon of October 30th, the deep background of Alibaba financial group CEO Zhang Yong (happy child) to return to his alma mater Shanghai University of Finance and Economics made a speech, and share experience on Chinese economic development, industrial future, their experience point of view. According to public information, Zhang Yong was born in 1972, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor’s degree in finance, in August 2007 to join the Alibaba group, served as chief financial officer, in 2008 served as chief operating officer and general manager of Taobao mall, September 2013 has served as chief operating officer of Alibaba group. May 2015, Alibaba group announced that Zhang Yong replaced Lu Zhaoxi as CEO. The board of directors of Alibaba, Alibaba Group partners but also the "double eleven" shopping Carnival of the founder, and single handedly built it into the world’s largest online shopping carnival. Now going into the November, in the "double eleven" shopping atmosphere increasingly strong point in time, the small range of Zhang Yong’s speech can also be seen as part of a campaign of ali. The following is the speech by Zhang Yong (by finishing title): Dear Wang, our university teachers, our alumni, the students were all good! I am very happy to have this opportunity to come here today. Special thanks to Mr. Wang, including Leah, give me a chance. Simple desire is to go back to school again, back on the National Road, although the road has many places do not know. Our morning also opened a very constructive meeting, we talked about all sorts of gossip a lot of ideas, is the afternoon we share. I think it is important of the opening is to invest in their own, but this investment is not planned out, this investment is to try out, no one can plan twenty years down the road, because of changes in the market and the society are beyond our imagination. I want to talk about a more distant topic. From today’s perspective, from Ali platform, we see the trend of China’s economy as a whole, we see a chance. Everyone said that the economy is very difficult, there are a lot of challenges, especially the real economy is a great challenge. That’s exactly what it is today. The real decision of China’s economic lifeline is the industry, I do not think we need to talk about this topic, whether it is related to the financial profession or not, a little common sense we all know this. China’s future opportunities in the industry where? There are three opportunities, but also a huge challenge to the three. First, the expansion of consumer demand. We all know that Alibaba’s first main business is e-commerce, the development of today to become the world’s largest e-commerce platform. On this platform, there are more than 400 million consumers shopping every year, most of them are our users. In fact, today we are each consumer, we feel as a platform for hundreds of millions. Every day, everyone.相关的主题文章: