all evening228 Internet plus debut Shenzhen fair| from Aunt financing failed| Mobell released an

[all evening]228: Internet plus debut Shenzhen fair; from Aunt financing failed; Mobell released an upgraded version of bicycle [] to the Sohu of science and technology in recent years, China Unicom China seriously implement the national network power, China broadband, "Internet plus" action plan and other major deployment, to strive to create "4G originality craftsman spirit network", is committed to providing a better 4G for the majority of customers online experience. At present, China Unicom has opened 700 thousand LTE FDD base stations to achieve the upgrading of the network of 341 cities. Its 4G network download rate is 1.4 times the industry average, 4G network upload rate is the industry average of 5 times, 4G network interactive delay reduced to a level of 10 milliseconds, voice quality is also in the communications industry leader. [text] 1 [Chinese Unicom Network, ingenuity Internet plus debut Shenzhen fair] November 16th, eighteenth China international hi tech Fair (referred to as "fair") was held at the Guangdong Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen. Chinese Unicom "ingenuity network, constantly exciting" as the theme, around the Internet industry, the Internet, the Internet family consumption in three major areas, on the display of information products enterprises, cloud Wo Road, Internet plus medical cloud, wojia duct, wo TV more than 20 leading industry and solutions, fully embodies the Chinese Unicom in network construction, technological innovation, the integration of the two, information consumption, digital culture and other areas of strengths and highlights. 2 [biography aunt financing failure, year-end bonus cancelled official response: rumor] has claimed that the aunt due to the failure of financing, resulting in the company capital chain tension, all employees year-end bonus has been canceled, the company shareholders seeking to exit. In this regard, the aunt said in response to the news is a rumor. About the failure of financing rumors, the founder of firewood aunt do responded that this round of financing has been completed at the beginning of October, investors have been confirmed, but because the Senate vote has many listed companies, investment have their processes and arrangements, the company cannot precede the investment of listed companies to disclose details of financing. 3 [Mobell released an upgraded version: new car bike basket, seat height adjustable, November 16th] better brakes, v-mobile bikes in the old city of Beijing Yongjia road and Shanghai Fuxue SHARI held "the evolutionary history of the conference, launched a version of the classic iterative Mobell bicycle. In the iterative version, the v-mobile riding experience made many improvements, such as the increase in response to user voice lifting seat, under the premise of ensuring integrity, allows the user to freely adjust the height of the seat. 4 [Baidu driverless car Wuzhen open trial ride: to do the whole of the supply side of the car) the third world Internet Conference is held in Wuzhen. During the conference, the 18 Baidu unmanned vehicles for the first time to open in the city of Tongxiang city road operation midnight road smart cars and smart traffic demonstration area. This is the first time in the case of Baidu driverless cars in the open urban roads, the realization of the whole process without manual intervention L4 level unmanned technology. 5 Google invested $1 billion 200 million to build a new headquarters in London can accommodate相关的主题文章: