Apple will clean up the provisions of the provisions of the app software can not exceed 50 letters fifa14下载

Apple will clean up abandoned software provides the APP name shall not exceed 50 letters Francisco Tencent apple AppStore mobile software store is one of the two largest in the world, the number has more than two million models, but these software also has a large number of developers have been abandoned the old software, affect the user’s experience of installation and use. The day before, Apple announced that it would be massive clean-up of these abandoned software. In addition, Apple also announced that the name of the iOS application software should not exceed the length of fifty letters. According to the U.S. technology news site TheVerge reported that Apple recently to the global iOS developers issued an email, apple said it will launch a new audit mechanism, find out some old abandoned software developers. Apple how to determine a mobile software has been abandoned? There are several indicators: Apple will find some problems, and did not follow the latest release of the new version of the iOS or macOS compatibility upgrade software. Apple will also find software that does not achieve the claimed function. It will also eliminate the old software that does not meet the current audit standards. Apple’s official website on the developer page, Apple also on the old software audit process explained in detail. If Apple found these software, will send an email to inform developers, they updated within thirty days, if the developers do not, then Apple will be in the app store to completely remove the old software. It should also be noted that, even if the adoption of Apple’s old software audit process, if the software appears on the start of the phenomenon of crash exit, it will be immediately removed from the software store. Apple wrote in the developer email: "quality is very important for us to work hard, apple understand many of you, have launched innovative software upgrade software to launch new features and new features." Apple also said that the action will not be clearing up the software back, if Apple users have downloaded the software in the past, and the future is still in use, even if Apple shelves can still continue to use. The name of the length of the Apple software in the mail also notified another matter, the future submitted to Apple’s software store products, English name length shall not exceed fifty letters. Apple said that such restrictions are mainly to prevent some developers playing with Apple’s software store search algorithm. It is said that in the past, some software developers use a very long name, and even some of the features described as well as software and unrelated content, the purpose is to improve the search rankings, improve downloads. Apple said that the lengthy software name will not be fully displayed, which also reduces the user experience. Interestingly, Apple’s name length measures announced before the release of iOS 10. In the new version of the software store, Apple will launch search ads, developers can pay a certain fee, so that their products in the search results in the rankings more forward. The above cleaning up the old software and name length restrictions, will come into effect from September 7th, which is held in autumn apple new conference, the introduction of new!相关的主题文章: