Are Lennox Products A Good Value In Air

A Quick Review of the Lennox Air Conditioning .plaint Field Lennox makes some of the best HVAC systems on the market. But an honest answer to the headline question requires this review to consider negative as well as positive input. Buying Lennox is a good idea, but bad press can attach itself to any product. For example: Bernadine Betita out of Toronto Ontario Canada slams Lennox equipment with the following .plaint: ** Broken system three years into ten year warranty ** Dealer refusal to honor warranty ** Excessive pricing to replace fan system that should be under warranty ** Warranted repair expenses totaling over $420.00 Slow dealer response to repair needs ** General dissatisfaction with service, warranty and Lennox as well. Over at Consumer Affairs, eighty .plaints are slapped against Lennox air conditioning equipment and Lennox service centers. Here is a slam from Dennis of St. Louis, MO: ** System never cooled ** Multiple visits from installer failed to improve the issue ** Installer replaced warranted coil and then tried to bill for $595.00 service and parts costs ** Dealer eventually covered the cost, but only after continuous frustration to homeowner ** System continues to provide insufficient cooling. If the story ended here, no one would ever buy a Lennox HVAC system. Ah, but squeaky wheels always make the most noise. Or do they? Even though Consumer Affairs details many pages of .plaints, the overall national opinion of this manufacturer is one of respect and confidence. For .parison reporting, the same web-source lists: ** 275 Amana-focused consumer .plaints and reviews (Note: includes all Amana appliances) ** 87 .plaints and reviews for Carrier HVAC units ** AND 64 .plaints and reviews on Trane cooling systems. The listed .plaints and reviews concerning Lennox fall dead-level with average. To further broaden your viewpoint, here is some feedback from the Better Business Bureau: ** Lennox, a BBB accredited business since 1994 ** Lennox, confirmed .mitment to resolve known consumer .plaints ** Thirty-two inquiries between 7/1/2012 and 8/2/2012 ** No recent negative reports. Figures vary from search to search. But on average, Lennox AC products stand among the best rated home cooling systems on the market. For the most part, .plaints merely reflect a handful of squeaking wheels. This does not make the .plaints illegitimate, but it does suggest an expected product default .mon to every industry. About Lennox Established in 1895, Lennox manufactures a large selection of innovative heating and cooling equipment. As a .pany, they have an established record for Excellency in the arena of home and business .fort. The Lennox legacy includes the following industry-first products: ** Forced-air furnace ** High-efficiency gas furnace ** Economizer designed to pull in outside air for cooling ** 20.5 SEER AC unit Solar-powered, HVAC-based home energy system. Throughout the years, this .pany has helped set the standard in air conditioning design and equipment performance. The current lineup of leading-edge products touches the upper limits of 60 plus. Whether dealing with heating needs or cooling needs, it is likely that Lennox can provide a reliable HVAC solution at an affordable price. Is It Wise to Buy Lennox Air Conditioning Equipment? At the end of the day, you are the judge. Lennox air conditioning reviews and .plaints touch on the good and the bad. Some customers relate tales of a faulty valve, .pressor or fan motor. Others make mention of refrigerant leaks and time consuming tech calls. In general, the thorn with the biggest .plaints involves leaky coils and faulty valves. On the other hand, the majority of Lennox customers verify the durability and performance of the products. The XC21, rates top in all tests concerning air conditioning quietness of operation. Furthermore, Lennox air conditioning systems are supported by trained technicians enabled by the .pany to fully understand Lennox products. Locating quality Lennox air conditioning installation and service may be the number one fault of any HVAC provider. It takes only one bad service center to generate a ripple of .plaints that can knock down giants. AC leaks and failed parts are typically caused by poor installation practices. So cover your bases. Grab hold to a local air conditioning service center that provides 24-hour emergency repair services. Demand skilled technicians. Expect the service center to work according to your schedule. Never sign a release before the air conditioning installation job is .pleted accurately, efficiently and successfully. Lennox provides outstanding AC equipment. 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