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What the fuck is good night Why Japanese sisters love her (video)

What the fuck is good night? Why did the Japanese girl love her Japanese Amoy micro signal: riben517 do not know what time from the beginning, just like BB cream as popular as night turned out to fly high streets and back lanes. Hear a lot of sister said, we can not use a single dog good night powder, hey hey! (knock on the blackboard!) About sleeping male god this matter should not at any time standby?! The thick oil out of tiny spots acne pores black and yellow black and yellow color makeup makeup Lee Guangzhu Song Hye Kyo, "the picture is so beautiful I can not see! What you don’t say we also chaeKi Obama may have more love "a basket of pig" but you! Don’t! Silly! The! This will save you all night with the light powder is not immediately appear confident! According to the Convention, before picking up night powder must pupu killjoy say the world does not exist "what can wash without makeup moisturizing Concealer thin oil natural pore Bailitouhong without makeup" without foundation! This is what the world does not exist "tall handsome rich humor IQ EQ positive gentle love you love you only love your undivided attention" good man! Give you a big hug! It brightens the skin not to be hit on the original makeup puff autumn goddess purple lipstick! In the night of sleep God makes you look color uniform, pure sweetness with soft effect skin care program after the skin is no longer sticky powder or these night can do basic! Albio night night powder more than healthy water, Albion’s secret weapon is the absolute powder Whitening Night countless scheming sister. He is a really good night can not be used in the daytime good night powder. Do not know if there is such a sister experience, carefully after the night skin care, feel the skin is always sticky, and do not want to rub on the pillow! The night after the face powder, dry slippery, can get rid of the sun after the deposition of melanin, make skin full of transparent feeling! CLUB good night bathing makeup powder see bath powder, puff has been unable to calm, bath with you, so all other people know? Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, as a final step to use skin care, with its skin tender slippery and transparent sense! What swimming spa steam, with makeup easy peeling, the skin is not good, now have a bath powder, you know! For those who are not very good skin, want to unload the makeup at night will not be scared of her boyfriend’s sister, there is a beautiful excuse for 24 hours. Shiseido 24 hours all the powder Maquillage frozen cake to see the best, because the color value is too high, one first time to surrender, to buy even reluctant to use! Equipped with 2 puff, a thick one thin, distinguish sooner or later use. Silty fine, had no Polish effect on the face, have no sense of powder. Contains hyaluronic acid and melanin inhibiting ingredients, to a certain extent, play a whitening and moisturizing effect. Good night to fly recently Aidoo cardamom yarn yarn favorability dally l-iduronidase! This night powder is suitable for any skin, especially acne prone skin, use moisturizing efficacy in sleeping, loose powder such as powder like across the screen,.相关的主题文章:

Ma said the Alibaba itself is a movie Spielberg points like –it– people’s network-残清1864

Ma said the Alibaba itself is a film by Spielberg   praise –IT– original title: Ma said the Alibaba itself is a movie by Spielberg praise on October 9th news, Alibaba chairman of the board Ma and Hollywood movie master Steven? Spielberg launched a movie about the western culture and peak dialogue. Ma Yun said that he is actually a director, this decade has been making a film called the Alibaba, the film will have a happy, healthy future. Ma said the Alibaba itself is a film by Spielberg praise and Spielberg bluntly, "Alibaba means more responsibility, and I was very happy to have some common aspects of ma. Ma Yun has a lot of opportunities to understand young people, many people also hope that they can take advantage of this model Alibaba, to create their own business, in this regard, I am very much appreciated by Ma Yun". Alibaba film group and Amblin Partners announced a future comprehensive strategic cooperation plan based on collaborative development package. According to the agreement, part of the Alibaba pictures will buy Amblin shares of Partners, one of Amblin Partners’s strategic shareholder, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, in derivatives and publicity issue areas of cooperation. In addition, the Alibaba will send a representative to join the pictures of Amblin Partners’s board of directors, major issues involved in company decision-making. The moderator asked if Ma Yun and Spielberg exchange status, and then become a director of the film, he would like to make a film, and the audience gave a surprise to the audience, the answer to the film, the answer to the question, the answer to the question, the answer to the question, the answer to the audience, the audience gave an unexpected answer to the audience, the. "I’m a film director, and I’ve been directing the Alibaba for so many years. More than and 10 years ago I and colleagues said, Alibaba, Alipay, Taobao is the world we create works of art, like a movie art, "said ma. He said he did not look at the Alibaba as a company, and he was like a director, the Alibaba eventually into a wonderful movie. "The great thing about this movie is that we live and are very happy. I hope that every film, including Alibaba, has a healthy, happy future as the end. I don’t like the film at the end of the tragedy, I hope everyone is happy after watching the movie, like Spielberg’s movie, "Ma said. Spielberg said that in the American film industry has commented that his movie is too good, but the real world is not so, "but I will insist on this point, I love movies with a happy ending." (Ming Yu)   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

Hoe run up the Jinhua games are farmers’ taste-googims

Hoe run up the Jinhua games are farmers taste the morning of September 24th, Jinhua Ling Xiang on the first session of the peasant movement will be held in the Taoyuan village. A total of 100 athletes were from the village of the two immigrants: Taoyuan village and the village of nine peaks. "Now the villagers have a great improvement in the material standard of living, the family lived in a small house, but also in the spiritual life." Ridge township party secretary Liao Tiangui said on Ling has been in the past few years to actively create a strong sports town, to create a good sports atmosphere. In the just concluded yesterday, the national fitness activities in the western Zhejiang area, played on behalf of the township in Wucheng District ". 8 athletes won the first prize. For the movement, the villagers are very enthusiastic. The ridge Township peasant movement is divided into a total of 6 projects, namely fixed-point shooting, table tennis match, the king, the king digging pole, fifty meters relay kangaroo Tiaodan and tug of war. In the table tennis match up the king, the villagers Li Cong and Zou Jianhua continued to have 15 minutes off the ball pad, neck and neck. Finally had to be held within a minute of extra time, the number of highly over many who dig eyebrows who wins. In the National Peasant Games, to the number of pole king and fifty meters most Tiaodan "farmers" characteristics. Wang pole than the wrist two were holding a pole, two twisted up, who is the first to let go off the pole, who lost. Fifty meters Tiaodan than the endurance and explosive force of 80 pound bricks on the basket, ran up, a lot of people are feeling, I haven’t seen such a scene.相关的主题文章:

A psalm of life throughout the fusion of the healthy road in front of residual

A psalm of life throughout the echo of healthy and disabled in front of the Rio fusion road ended the Paralympic Games, China delegation triumph. The athletes stunning, gratifying results. Although the tournament ending, but the life of a restless, fighting spirit more than the story, often new, moving often. 107 gold medals, 81 silver medals, and 51 bronze medals, breaking the world record of 51, China has delivered a good report card. Since the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games, China ranked first in 4 consecutive Paralympic gold medals and medals, is the sports world, the undisputed leader in the disabled hundred-percent. In Rio, China Paralympic Corps every day to tell the world the story of the China unremitting self-improvement transfer positive energy, rich connotation, show China disabled tenacity and optimism ahead of the spirit, not only harvest the success and praise, and won the respect and admiration. Worthy of praise is not only Chinese Paralympic athletes are not afraid of strong and dare to win the competitive style, the more valuable is that they go beyond the self, to challenge the limits of willpower. The game, their biggest rivals are often themselves through the competition and enhance the sound personality, complete self ambition, achievement dream. The excellent performance of the Paralympic athletes, not only can inspire and guide more people with the rise of adversity, not gloomy, through participation in physical exercise to achieve self rehabilitation, wake up sleeping life; will inspire and influence all the people by the Paralympic spirit, into the hot work and life to go. As the disabled athletes in the face of the public will often say, I do not take medals to prove that I do, but to prove that you do!" The Paralympic Games also set up a lively classroom for healthy people, which is a good opportunity for people to understand the life and spiritual world of the disabled. The disabled athletes without looking up, without discrimination. They are eager to head up eyes and smooth communication, living environment. Society not only to calibrate the cognitive concept of the disabled, but also to build a platform for the disabled to integrate into the community, the human care into the accessibility of facilities and other social functions in detail. Is to allow people with disabilities to accept the logic of survival of a healthy person, or the initiative to create conditions for the disabled into a common life circle? Is the sound of people living apart from the disabled, the self closed system, sound or adjust attitude and make seamless disabled and society together to create an ideal life, in a test of social development and civilization. Paralympic Games is a four year history of sports for the disabled. It is the starting point for the next four years of the movement for the disabled, but there is no end; it is a disabled athlete’s life, the potential to bloom, the enthusiasm of the volcano eruption, but there is no dormant period. Paralympic Games is not a short journey, the closing is not a spiritual farewell, Paralympic flame has lit up the road ahead of the integration of residual health, which leads to a love and responsibility everywhere accompanied by the beautiful world.相关的主题文章:

China Garden Museum open operation 3 anniversary of more than more than 500 pieces of the first

Chinese Garden Museum opening run 3 anniversary of more than 500 sets of donated collections first appeared – Beijing Beijing in November 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) 18 days is China Garden Museum independent and open the 3 anniversary of the operation. In order to fully demonstrate the development process of the museum, the China Garden Museum series of donated goods exhibition today kicked off, more than 500 pieces of donated collections and information debut. China Garden Museum is the first to Chinese garden as the theme of the National Museum, located in Beijing City, Fengtai District Yingshan feet, Yongding River, covers an area of 65 thousand square meters, construction area of 49950 square meters, is composed of the main building, indoor and outdoor exhibition exhibition in three parts. China Garden Museum started since 2010, opened in November 18, 2013 independent operation. As a public welfare permanent cultural institutions of the Park Bo Museum, is a collection of historical relics of the garden, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, showing the charm of garden art, the study of the value of the International Garden Garden Cultural center. The day of the opening of the theme of the exhibition is the heart of the Chinese dream with the garden of love, a total of the museum, individual donations, units donated three chapters. A Park Bo museum design drawings, a record of the preparation of the course of the photo, each donation of material and information, have witnessed the construction of the Garden Museum, running 6 years. During the exhibition, the audience can not only enjoy the garden expert Wang Juyuan published in 1990 "China ancient garden history", the late garden expert Chen Junyu donated Autographed letters, and Meng Zhaozhen is famous Landscape Garden Museum opened the three anniversary of Hangzhou flower nursery handwritten inscription and manuscript, see Cheng Xuke, Sun Xiaoxiang, Yu Shuxun and other 37 garden experts the donated rare books, manuscripts, inscriptions and nearly 50 sets. The concern is that his son Li Geng the creation of the "ancient garden map", Ouyang Zhongshi book "China Garden Museum", donated by Zhao Lifan, Sun Peijie and other cultural sources of painting and calligraphy, inscriptions and other 17 sets are in the exhibition debut. The exhibition also specially selected different types of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, on Shandong, Guangxi, Hebei, Anhui, Hubei, Xining, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of the country and management departments, units and institutions of social groups to the landscape garden Museum donated, including books, documents, photographs, notes and rubbings more than 200 sets. Huang Yigong, deputy director of Chinese garden museum said, hope special day running for three years in the open, through the exhibition, thank the community’s support and help, in such a form, display the precious cultural relics donated, so that more viewers to understand the garden museum. Huang Yigong said that the park will also be accepted by the community to accept donations from units and individuals, and these gifts as a permanent collection of the proper custody of the regular display in different forms. Open to celebrate the 3 anniversary of the Garden Expo, held "harmonious beauty" — South Korea international art exchange exhibition is the museum exhibition of more than 30 groups of Korea flower works. Among them, South Korea by the creation of large floral floral art master works of "development" on the origin of Korean flower art and China flower art)相关的主题文章:

Two girls were killed around the trunk lock caused by maternal baby asphyxia food –

Two girls were killed around the trunk lock is easy to cause the baby suffocation food – Sohu maternal Tang said, the child is locked in the car trunk. The five party village even to the town of Mianzhu city 8 year old Ling Ling (a pseudonym) and 6 year old cousin Xixi (a pseudonym) for two adjacent. 3 pm, the people at Ling Ling’s party, Ling Ling and Xi Xi play at home together. On the same day at 5 pm, two parents found the child disappeared, after about 1 hours, two children were found in the car trunk, faint signs of life, after she died. Subsequently, the Mianzhu police involved in criminal cases may be excluded. "3 days did not eat a meal, it is difficult to accept this reality." 8 pm, a death two granddaughter accident, Lingling grandpa Tang tears in my eyes. 6, Ling Ling and Xi have been laid to rest, but left two families of lingering pain. Distressed! Two children were trapped on 8 adult trunk found too late, the Chengdu Daily reporter went to the town of Mianzhu city. Five village. Ling Ling’s grandfather and grandmother at home, two elderly face sad, several relatives and friends to accompany the elderly. Ling Ling’s father didn’t want to go home, relatives. A small farm house stocked with a Volkswagen Jetta car, car tail box, open the door to all. He Lingling home, Xi Xi’s family is also a sad face. Before the accident, Lingling in Mianzhu read the third grade, cousin Xixi read the first grade at the local school. "If this tragedy does not happen, 8 should be the day of the two dolls to school." In Lingling’s home, Mr. Tang recalled the painful scene of the day. National Day holiday, from Mianzhu back to the town of Lingling, five villages in the home of the 16 groups. 3 pm, the adults in the Ling Ling family gathering to chat, Ling Ling and Xi Xi play together at home. 5 pm the same day, parents suddenly found that the children disappeared, they began to look around for the two. "4 points have also heard two kids in the yard downtown, soon lost." Mr. Tang introduced, "I called his son to drive to the next village to see." Around 6 in the afternoon, when his son was ready to go out to find the car, found parked in the yard of the car placed in the wrong location. "My son found the car’s Sunglasses position is wrong, say ‘being’, quickly open the trunk of the car, two dolls lie inside." Mr. Tang recalled, at that time, two children curled up in the trunk, the body burns, faint signs of life. "The key to the car is under my son’s pillow." Mr. Tang speculated that Lingling and Xixi should find the car keys in the course of the play, remote control and opened the door into the car, then opened the trunk. "The car keys or on the bed, but was impatient, found the key position and no doubt son." Mr. Tang told reporters that the trunk lid is pressed and will automatically lock. Two children play in the trunk may be unconsciously pulled down the lid, was locked in the trunk. At the end of the interview, Mr. Tang’s wife said: "I hope the car owners and parents to learn a lesson, this is a lesson of blood. I don’t want this tragedy to happen again." Mianzhu city.相关的主题文章:

Growth began to slow down in 2016 11 double Tmall turnover exceeded $120 billion 700 million – Sohu -lata-01

The growth rate has slowed down in 2016 Tmall double 11 turnover exceeded 120 billion 700 million yuan – Sohu technology Sohu Technology Wen Cui Peng November 12th 0.1, 2016 Tmall dual 11 activities officially ended, Alibaba this year 11 all day long turnover ended in 120 billion 700 million yuan ($17 billion 790 million). Which accounted for 81.87% of the amount of wireless transactions, turnover of businesses and users covering 235 countries and regions. Double 11 day cumulative logistics orders more than 647 million single, the cumulative generation of electronic surface single more than 300 million. The statistical results are preliminary results, not audited. The figure is expected to reduce the distance from the outside world, but still hit a new record of single day turnover of Alibaba and even the global business platform. 2015 Tmall 11 turnover of $91 billion 217 million, while in 2014 the turnover was $57 billion 100 million. The turnover of Tmall’s 11 double activities include: China’s retail business platform commodity trading volume +16 points (2015 double the day after the United States 0 points) AliExpress turnover of. Retail platform, including Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, air tickets, train tickets, Amoy insurance, etc..相关的主题文章:

Inspirational emperor! Manchester United played more fierce transformation strongman Mourinho willin-hamimelon

Inspirational emperor! Manchester United played more fierce transformation strongman Mourinho willing not to sell his horse tower to celebrate a goal sina sports news Manchester United was unlucky last minute by Arsenal 1-1 tie. The Reds offense most commendable player or mata. In addition to scoring a direct goal, Manchester United almost every threat attack and the Spanish have a relationship. In terms of the game, Mata’s play is much better than Arsenal’s core Mesut Ozil. Ibrahimovic suspended, Mourinho rush to Ford to the top of the front, Pogba referred to the position before the 10, Mata is still in the starting right winger. From the performance point of view, Mata has become a point the most threatening attack. The opening is only 4 minutes, Ma tower on the edge of the box out of the penalty kick kick high quality, but unfortunately the ball slightly to a goalpost. Mata’s opening for United is also a horse. Sixty-ninth minutes, bogeba pass, Herrera after the end of the inverted triangle pass, Mata road with the last volley, although Cech struggling to fight the blaze, but still could not stop the ball into the net. After the goal, Mourinho on the sidelines is very excited, he has been completely impressed by mata. This is Mata this season with third league goals, in the United squad and rush, tied for second place, only 6 goals behind Ibrahimovic. The goal is only part of the amazing part of mata. From the active thermography Mata, United’s No. 8 in the field of running range is quite large, left and right have his shadow, it is quite active, but also on the defensive, Mata also had to return to the side of the first half, Valencia defense assistance. The Daily Mail says: "Mata is everywhere in midfield and he has an offensive defense." Mata in the frontcourt everywhere are active in statistics from OPTA, Mata in this field has 3 shots, passing success rate as high as 86%, and 1 times the threat passes, 5 pass, 3 breakthroughs, 75% steals the success rate. In his excellent play, Manchester United in midfield completely suppressed the Mesut Ozil led Arsenal midfielder. In contrast, Mesut Ozil of the field will be more sluggish, and now no shot, no threat to pass, steals the success rate of only 33%, almost in the audience. "Mata once again conquered Mourinho with excellent performance." After the game BBC summed up the performance of mata. Indeed, in the beginning of the season, almost all people think that Mourinho will sell Mata, but all the change is from the start of the preseason, Mata with their own efforts, their enthusiasm, gradually moved to Mourinho, and a step by step to fight for their own starting position. He became one of the most important players in united. There is a data that could prove indispensable Mata and Mata in the league, not the first game, Manchester United winning percentage of 0%, while in the Mata first game, Manchester United winning percentage reached 71.4%. At the same time in the Whoscored score, the average score of Mata is as high as 7.14 points, the top five in the United squad. The outbreak of Mata this season, like an inspirational story. Rather than complain about the unfair fate, change yourself. Compared to Chelsea in the year,相关的主题文章:

Science rankings from machine learning systems Computer Science and neuroscience Daniel top10- Sohu

Science | from machine learning system rankings: Computer Science and neuroscience Daniel TOP10- new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan compiled source: Science Author: John Bohannon translator: Ferguson new Zhi Yuan to start a new round of recruitment: COO, executive editor, senior editor, compiler, editor, director, manager, director of consulting and administrative assistant 9 position overall opening. Resume: jobs@aiera HR WeChat: new Zhi Yuan COO and executive editor of the highest salary offer over 1 million; to provide the most complete training system, higher than the industry average wages and bonuses for the backbone of the staff. Join the new wisdom yuan, and artificial intelligence industry leaders to join hands to change the world. [Science11] new Zhi Yuan review reported on 11 may, the academic engine recently launched 10 of the most influential scholars in the academic field of artificial intelligence neural science Alan Institute of artificial intelligence Semantic Scholar search. University College London (UCL) champion, the top three scientists from the University researchers, the top 10 are from Britain and the United States and Canada in three countries. Previously, Semantic Scholar has been ranked in the field of computer science, in the top 10 of the list, Jordan ranked first, Wu Enda, second. (including the list of 50 most influential people in the field of computer science). Jordan evaluation of this system is: circle determines destiny. April 2016, located in Seattle, Alan Institute of artificial intelligence (AI2) named Semantic Scholar program based on 4 million papers in the field of computing, computing the most influential scholars rankings. Among the machine learning field Michael I. Jordan ranked first in 1185, Wu Enda (Andrew Y. Ng) score in the 1125 row in the second, the third is Andrew Zisserman, score of 1089. 4 to 10 are: Christopher D. Mannning, Jitendra Malik, Geoffrey E. Hinton, Scott Shenker, Bernhard Schö, lkopf, Jon M. Kleinberg, Judea Pearl. Semantic Scholar, according to the impact of the list of the top 50 computer science scholars. The calculation index includes a single reference, two references, etc.. Wu Enda’s influence chart to Wu Enda, for example, Semantic Scholar calculated the impact of the five most influential scholars in the past, but also gives the greatest impact of the scholars of the five scholars in the world, the. As can be seen, Geoffery Hinto.相关的主题文章:

Rich ghost account disclosure of investors worried about the scandal-zhuxianduowan

The rich ghost accounts scandal disclosure investors heavy-hearted U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 16 Reuters news Bank of America (WFC) ghost account scandal of the bank’s disclosure policy by investors pay close attention to. Although media reports say federal agencies and Losangeles prosecutors are investigating the sale of Wells Fargo’s retail branches, the bank does not give investors any indication of the extent of the problem. Rich countries have agreed to pay $190 million to settle the case. The unexpected news alarmed investors, making the market value of the bank dropped nearly $19 billion since last week’s survey. To suffer huge losses including Wells Fargo’s long-term investor Warren Buffett. The authorities are rich employees in the customer without the knowledge of the false nearly 2 million accounts to achieve sales target of internal investigation. Wells Fargo has fired 5300 people in a scandal. Despite the negligible impact on the bank’s $23 billion profit last year, the company’s share price has fallen sharply. Wells Fargo shares fell 7.5% after the event, while the Dow Jones U.S. banking sector index fell nearly 2.4%. Investors, analysts and legal experts interviewed by Reuters said that the silence of the rich countries does not mean that it violates the law. But they generally believe that the rich countries no more active disclosure of information, make the situation worse, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is facing tremendous pressure to explain why this scandal in his rule. (end) editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章:

Pa Pa NBA strongest table tennis was he dare to try it Chinese _nba_ sina sports _

Pa Pa |NBA strongest table tennis was he dare to try China? _NBA_ sina sports _ Chinese dare to try sina sports news mentioned Darrel Morley, general manager of everyone’s first reaction is that the Houston rockets, some senior fans may be blurted out such as "magic ball theory" or "madman data" such words. The general manager of the graduate in computer science, NBA is the first in the NBA basketball and has nothing to do with the senior management personnel. If he had had any sports related experience, then I am afraid that the table tennis. Morey love table tennis, even at the level below 16 years old group game broke into 32. Although now as the general manager of the NBA, but in the offseason Morey also did not forget to develop their own hobbies. In 2013, when the Rockets renovated the locker room, Morey also did not forget a play influence, in which the acquisition of a piece of table tennis table. It is said that the introduction of new rockets would follow the Morey two measure, this is also the practice with Jeremy Lin morley. Unfortunately, although his brother dressed in yellow skin, but still defeated. The thunder in his spare time also did not forget to learn, sometimes with the Korean occupation player Li Qingqie to learn. During the offseason, Morey will host the annual table tennis Charity Challenge in Las Vegas during the summer league, the contestants will pay $100 as the entry fee, and raise money for a children’s disease research institute. Many of NBA’s staff and even the players will have time. Morey even pocket entry pay for the others. 2014 – Adams Byron – including Steven, Davies and other stars have come to join. Mo total although it looks plump, on the table, and then a bit of fun. That year, Murray in the final beat the Hornets general manager Qiu Ruike was crowned champion of the tournament. His brother is not a joke. In 2015, he was still on twitter for this event to rally. "You don’t forget to play Oh ~ ~" the final 32 people participated in the tournament, including union vice president Mark – Tatum, Geoff – Hornacek, and former runner up rich cho. Unfortunately, in the tournament’s final defeat Morey a staff member of Las Vegas local, can not achieve the defending. He lost the last ball, angry look quite big style". Morey this summer because of work reasons failed to qualify, but the tournament was held as scheduled and summer league together, including the Dennis Schroder hawks and the nets – Hollis – Jefferson Lang Dai et al is scheduled to come. Although the players skill is not good, but they always seem to happiness within. The event has become an annual event in the basketball world. Daryl’s operation ability can be seen in general. The day before the preseason because Morey team came to Chinese, in an interview he also conceal on table tennis like, if you can in the return flight)相关的主题文章:

Take on an altogether new aspect from inside to outside; test drive a new genera-pgd-426

Take on an altogether new aspect   from inside to outside; test drive a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308– car, a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 as the next 5 years rose blue to second new models on the program, is also the first car products. It installed a new EMP2 platform, and before the launch of the 308S on the same platform, the use of the platform models and the Dongfeng Peugeot 408. At present, selling 308 cash although also called 308, but the essence is the use of the old platform 307, so a new generation 308 is a real replacement model. The French do have originality in design, compared to the 2011 listing of the Peugeot 308 is 308, the overall design of a new generation of people eyes. It looks very delicate, but also to highlight their unique personality. Especially from the racing field of the black and white square flag front grille design, the overall shape of the tension is very strong, highlighting the side of its movement. The Peugeot three car turns from the hatchback, the tail of the car looks very uncoordinated, and a new generation of 308 can be said to be very successful, not only there is no sense of violation, but is some amazing, close to the fastback styling design. The black diamond type tail across the way, and the Peugeot models symbolic LED Lions Eye headlights and lionpaw LED taillights, the new family design it becomes more dynamic, especially the lion claw LED taillights, really beautiful. It is understood that the new generation of 308 in the tail design, inherited the Peugeot 205, and other models in the 1960s feature, it can be said to pay tribute to the classic 405. A new generation of 308 Peugeot EMP2 efficient modular platform of the latest build based on the dimensions of 45901820 1488mm, compared to the current 308 growth models 32mm, 15mm car width increase, vehicle height is reduced by 17mm. A new car with a wheelbase of 2675mm, compared to cash 63mm growth of 308, can be said that a comprehensive upgrade in size. The design of a new generation of 80 to grasp the 90, after the fashion awareness of the consumer concept of the 308. The appearance of the car is more inclined to run, the details of the deal is also more sharp and delicate. In particular, I like the design of the tail, it is very unique, it can be seen that the designer is very serious in the Chinese market to change, unlike in the past only to three cars and become a car of the three. (Qin Han, Tu: commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

Too surprised! You thought you were converted, but maybe not-autobots

Too surprised! You think you converted but may not only satisfy many karma, three conversion ceremony to make converts to ring body (source: Phoenix Buddhist master Wen Zongshun) is the first step to enter the Buddha Dharma. "Yubose by the ring," said: "if a man if a woman, if you can say three of the three converts, the name of Yubose, famous Yi yi." (net three to twentieth) Tsongkhapa "made in LAMRIM" said: "it is converted, in Buddhism, can enter the door." (IV, P. 116) is converted to body is "watershed" and "outside" road. The body can be converted to three, lies in the return of karma as law. Buddhism has been introduced into China for two thousand years, but the conversion has not received due attention. Although after teaching in Dade, three to teach the precepts of the ritual has been gradually complete, in the formal law also will be in accordance with the purposes, however, in three to teach, to practice requirements, but often ignored. Is often the stage singing master and audience of believers unintelligible. Especially some of the German master award to the words with a strong accent, and more, more make the listener a blank. After one or two hours of law would receive a conversion certificate, even taking refuge. As the karma is such as law, believers are converted to body, there are few people. Even some people do a lot of years of "Buddhist", and then control the karma request, he had "no refuge practice", even the "three return character" qualification is a problem, it can not be said to be a serious problem! While some Buddhist after taking refuge, both believe this to teach, and believe what God, for his refuge had broken the fact that I still lost, it is lamentable. Therefore, to emphasize practice achievement and conditions of refuge break lose karma and guardian, is a very necessary thing. The modern Buddhist circles have concentrated on the question of conversion, after the establishment of the Chinese Buddhist Association in 1953, in the year of June. The Congress established, namely according to the definition of "consensus by the Buddhists to three belong to the basic conditions for the". "Modern" in Buddhism subsequently published in the July issue of economic speech "on the Buddhist master basic conditions of" one article, after six months, each have three problems to discuss. However, these articles are from three to three, its body, how to return to the practical significance of the theoretical, only two buried "on the three return to the master" (November) should pay attention to it relates to the problem, but also slightly ominous. As for the broken lost karma and how it is rare to protection. According to the series of "Nanshan law lawyers’ preparation in the home at slightly arranges" (hereinafter referred to as the "access" and "preparation) LAMRIM" (hereinafter referred to as the "wide theory"), "stages of Enlightenment on" (hereinafter referred to as "on") and other books of the exposition, convert practice achievements: a shallow and slightly broken refuge and protection problems such as loss of karma for. [conditions] "to practice achievement prepared in relation to" karma "lead note" pointed out that the necessary conditions are: "samantapasadika" cloud: "and shall be taught, sound sequence. If you do not speak or do not have sufficient, not the name, not so confused." (eighteenth pages) below, we care相关的主题文章:

The baby to sleep is not surprised by the molar, so simple – Sohu mother

The baby to sleep is not scared to Ma teeth, so simple – Sohu maternal baby sleep is not only the original molar, scared to numb so simple finally the baby to fall asleep, with a small "be accomplished" mood, happily asleep. Dream of getting better, a dream scene is really beautiful…… Hey what sound? As a mom who slept to sink, as long as the treasure has the slightest wind sways grass will instantly awakened. Hey, Huangtun a kid, how could you sleep the teeth? Your mother’s scare. So many small teeth, most worried about is the nighttime clenching and molar, the two goods is still quite difficult. In the baby, night molar more common, like living on the South was awakened, I dream of the 55555…… No one sympathetic? Okay, back to the topic of the baby teeth at night off. Although, generally do not treasure bruxism pain, if is the treasure Huanya period is also normal phenomenon, generally 6 years old baby -13 years old are permanent teeth, can last night, wake up is not a thing. Besides, in case of a permanent teeth or not to change teeth are molars, the time is long, will not only affect the export of white teeth Mei Gao Yan the appearance of the value, but also damage the teeth, damage the gums, bleeding gums and loose teeth what ah ah, do not want to think of. Look scary, Huangtun dolphin that white teeth bright beautiful ah, don’t move. Xin father heart is great, "the day to eat more than grinding teeth? Night grinding so few, it should be okay?" Is this the same thing? So to give you a lesson: the day we eat the food that is, rub to the teeth, but this behavior will hurt the chowhound, very few teeth. Why? Be bought by food? It is really suck suck eating happily, churning between the upper and lower teeth of the food, ah, a big lump of cushion between the teeth. Say that you do not believe, do not you eat a meal mouth didn’t stop chewing for a long time, but most of the time is in the up and down movement, the real direct contact with the teeth of the time, have been studied for only a few minutes. Besides, you don’t have enough saliva to swallow when you eat? Saliva, so that teeth more lubrication, want to wear? The difficulty coefficient is a little big oh. So little time, up and down the teeth together too late, which have time to wear ah. "I know why you worry about the dolphin, bruxism mouth empty ah boy well, really is one, live together with little people, hohoho quickly praise and self praise. After Xin dad finally understand, bruxism dolphin mouth without food, secretion of oral cavity teeth is also reduced, what are not fishing…… Can not get the necessary lubrication, the teeth are very sad, a sad on the dry grinding, the consequences of it, the brain to fill the hot water kettle dry burn scene. Tooth wear is large, the consequences will be grievous: the upper and lower teeth themselves torture people, who are not good, not here there is sour, pain, and other protective layer also wear off, the coat was teeth king, is not feeling.相关的主题文章:

Commission Mainland and Hongkong stock market trading interconnection mechanism formally implemented-jinshen

Commission: the mainland and Hongkong stock market trading mechanisms for interconnection of the formal implementation of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real-time quotes exclusive reference the Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Beijing in September 30, today the Commission regular press conference, spokesman Deng Ge said, in order to regulate the mainland and Hongkong stock market trading interconnection mechanism related activities, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, maintaining the order of the securities market, in September 30th, the Commission formally issued the "certain provisions" of the mainland and Hongkong stock market trading interconnection mechanism and implement formally from the date of publication. According to reports, "interoperability provisions" follows the provisions of Shanghai and Hong Kong stock market trading interconnection mechanism pilot released in June 2014 "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations "of the Shanghai and Hong Kong) applicable laws and regulations of most of the market principles, rights and obligations and responsibilities. The changes are mainly in the following three aspects: one is the scope of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong and extended to Shanghai and Hong Kong; two is the appropriate management of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong and investors follow the principle of territorial management, for example, Hongkong investors entrust brokers trading deep shares through the stock, need to comply with Hongkong rather than mainland investors. Regulatory requirements and business rules; the three is to improve the future currency exchange mechanism of the reserved system space. Deng Ge said that since the public comment, the market parties to actively focus on feedback to us all kinds of opinions and suggestions. As of September 25, 2016, we received 33 comments and suggestions from market parties. Overall, the market parties to "interoperability provisions" higher degree of recognition, involving "interoperability provisions" specific provisions amendments mainly in Hongkong investors identification code mechanism, the nominal holder system relating to the rights and interests of investors, in addition, we also received some further optimization and improvement of the interconnection mechanism of opinions and suggestions. After careful study, we carried out further revise and improve the interoperability of "Regulations", the final release of the "interoperability" provisions and draft compared to major changes is given to the Hongkong market investors identification system is to be established, so the adjustment for the relevant statements in the draft. It should be noted that the two sides have regulatory agencies to actively promote the construction of Hong Kong investors identification system to reach a consensus, after the establishment of related system, Hong Kong will be according to the system to provide relevant investors involved in the transaction reporting identification code of investors such as information, to strengthen market supervision and law enforcement cooperation, both to ensure the smooth operation of the market. Some of the views are not directly adopted in the provisions of the Internet, in which some of them have been made in the mainland or Hongkong related laws and regulations相关的主题文章:

Behind the more high-end we should see this Yadi-97179

"Behind the more high-end" we should see such a Yadi Yadi recently, chairman Dong Jinggui secret Yadi more high-end strategy video became popular in the industry circle of friends. This is Yadi Z3 since its release, the industry for the first time to watch the video in the form of understanding to the head of the group with interpretation of Yadi positioning. Why can Yadi electric car companies in the talent shows itself to a multitude of distinctive features of the development of the road? The development of the industry in urgent need of enterprise reform is Yadi why? In fact, this is more of a hero or a hero for the times and the choice of answer. As early as three years ago, the number of domestic electric vehicles has been more than 200 million, far exceeding the number of motor vehicles. After more than twenty years of development, electric cars are gradually get rid of the attributes of grassroots attributes. Have to eat rice industry, natural to stride to eat rice level. While the electric car itself also long-term infiltration in the industry trend of uneven in quality, low-end products overcapacity, high-end products production capacity, which is also the problem plaguing the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. Performance in the terminal market, the long-term price war and promotion war overdrawn consumer brand recognition. So many people are keen to go to Japan even scouring the sea, special "grab rice cooker" and "buy toilet". As one of the most convenient means of transportation of the masses, the electric car carrying the country on the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, down to the consumer demand for the upgrading of the market demand for more and more young. Yadi issued a "high-end" strategy in early last year, the national strategy and people travel demand to do the most fitting and the occasional response. Yadi this action also shocked the industry, "why didn’t we think of?" Electric cars can also play high-end?" A time of affirmation and doubt coerced the whole public opinion. More than 100 Yadi electric car company, why dare to be the first? The blessing of "hard and soft power enterprises more high-end" strategy is not a slogan, "a window to show to the outside world but Yadi strong comprehensive strength after". Support manufacturing do more high-end high-end strategy is the key for the integration of the world’s leading Yadi resources, and Matsushita group, Italy genius design home Giovannoni, Austria SWAROVSKI, the United States electric motorcycle manufacturer Lightning Motors, Germany BASF automotive paint combination, to launch more high-quality electric cars. So consumers see "a year such as a new car in the terminal market, three years without failure, decent for five years" Platinum Edition Yadi electric car, to experience the car intelligent electric vehicles Yadi Z3 interconnection. In the design and manufacture field, Yadi has a unique resource integration and appeal, in the service channel, the enterprise has a car 4S customer service standard. It is reported that Yadi currently has 8622 customer service stores, consumers can almost in the administrative area of the country and township level to buy and enjoy the enterprise products and services. In sales, Yadi also made innovative services. Such as the purchase of Yadi Z3, Yadi will provide users with free delivery of the highest amount of up to 52 thousand yuan with car insurance "by Paul" — 1 minutes, half an hour for fast fast acceptance, 10 working days for fast.相关的主题文章:

Full time mom and child nutrition breakfast diary 9.26 (iron, VC) – Sohu maternal-masa-c

Stay-at-home mom children nutrition breakfast diary 9.26 (iron, VC) – Sohu maternal mother seedling nagging: Thank you for reading my words, although I do not have the exquisite tableware, not rhetoric, often Tucao breakfast "Yan value is low, but I still keep a record of the state, because of this is my real life, I do not cater to the who, just an ordinary breakfast records of the family of three, I want to convey the idea of not wobble or other, but collocation and nutrition, also hope to bring inspiration to more families; a ground gas child is my nutritionist at the beginning of the heart, but I still want to say, nutrition is not the ultimate goal of happiness is a happy day, starting with breakfast, the whole family together to eat comfortable breakfast is my understanding of the most simple happiness ~ iron breakfast collocation Today breakfast content (September 26, 2016): double color Steamed Buns staple dishes: beef with pepper pumpkin porridge: rice paste and other red dates: pumpkin seeds + orange edible number: 2 adults and 1 children aged 5; time: 30 minutes making process: the early first hit the rice paste, then sliced beef marinated, then steamed Steamed Buns (weekend ahead steamed), cut vegetables, fried vegetables; all kinds of food on the table for ~ [recommended] this package for nutrition collocation key ingredients of beef, pepper, pumpkin, red dates, oats, purple sweet potato, orange; beef is a good source of iron, rich in heme iron absorption and utilization. Not affected by phytic acid, can effectively prevent the baby anemia, iron supplementation is especially important for women and children, the parents Must pay attention to iron supplement, I usually will do a special weekend meal iron meal, the whole family to eat, "5 year old Miao Xiaoniu share iron nutrition lunch (Miao Ma)", this article you can also take a look at today’s breakfast; pepper and oranges are all VC rich ingredients, can effectively promote iron absorption and utilization and when iron intake of VC rich food is very important, at the same time, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, millet these ingredients are rich in vitamin B, to promote the absorption of iron has synergistic effect; therefore, this meal is not only nutritional breakfast, and a iron meal; 1 beef with pepper on GM: friends a circle to share breakfast, most of the message received is asked, pepper is not genetically modified? The pepper is not genetically modified, I can only say that I now have data to prove that it is not, you can look up the number of reliable science, because I am not the professionals, there is no authoritative science; science teacher Fan Zhihong I love most, we can see, although she did not explicitly say pepper, but she shows. 1 of China’s Vegetable & Fruit only transgenic papaya; but if you still care, can be replaced with ordinary green peppers, VC content is as high as; raw material: beef, Beef Pepper: the night before I get from the freezer refrigerator defrost, pepper wash before going to bed on the fresh-keeping bag; the second day morning, beef slices after, add a little salt, soy sauce, starch marinated for 10 minutes; pepper slices; pot heat oil, fry beef stir fry, add a little water, cook 5-6!相关的主题文章:

Love code checked pull billion industry chain verification code into the largest black hole informat-jessica rabbit

Love code checked pull billion industry chain verification code into the largest black hole information disclosure in November 8th, the Beijing Daily reporter was informed that in the case of network hacking, police uncovered the largest verification code platform — love code case, to disclose such verification code platform behind the black chain. Including love, through the intervention of platform code verification code platform, the use of the card device "cat pool", received tens of thousands of the project site verification code service, in addition to causing takeaway platform tens of millions of dollars of losses, also formed a fraud. The industry believes that this is not a complete implementation of the real name system is not associated with telecommunications. The new platform to create "wool party" reportedly, including love code, verification code platform is one of the major sources of income, the preferential policy is to drill holes in takeaway ordering platform and many business platform launched. A lot of platform in order to ensure the authenticity of the registered users, to prevent malicious registration and login hit the library and other issues, will be in the registration and login module set up SMS verification code for authentication, such as hungry, U.S., Baidu takeaway takeaway platform through "the first single preferential policies to pull the new. In this business model, the use of verification code to reap the benefits of the Internet platform will breed. Because ordinary users generally only one or two mobile phone number, some preferential policies can only enjoy one or two times on the platform, in order to meet the consumer "cheap" mentality, a device called the "cat pool" was invented. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the "cat pool" is like a simple mobile phone can be inserted a mobile phone card, can be understood as the N card N to put a large number of mobile phone SIM card into the "cat pool", regardless of whether the real name or arrears, as long as you can receive text messages can be used. A computer can be connected to several "cat pool", each "cat pool" according to the port number is different, can also insert 8-64 card mobile phone SIM card, can form a verification code receiving platform, so as to the new account registration attitude in a variety of platforms, a new user called. Police said, by taking the purchase of "cat pool" card and mobile phone card, and then received the love of this code verification code on the platform, after the mobile phone number registered business platform or website, business card will receive SMS verification code, the code will be transferred to the verification code verification code platform, finally the results back to the platform number of scan software connection service, allow hackers to bypass the SMS verification implementation directly hit the library. Some small businesses to buy their own cat pool, close the phone SIM card, in the QQ group to sell the service to accept the verification code, greedy cheap takeaway users in the search, QQ group and other ways to get the contact information. Beijing Daily reporter search on the QQ platform "code" three words, appear hundreds of QQ group, such as "mobile phone verification code, verification code SMS channel", "Kyushu card business verification code, verification code generation" QQ group. They provide mobile phone number for the user to take the point of cooperation. A takeaway platform first single discount 20 yuan to count, the user with the black card ordering, pay 10 yuan brush in hand, you can save 10 yuan, every day in order to eat "cheap" takeaway, many ordinary users become black platform profit accomplice. On the Internet, this earned small return map相关的主题文章: