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Holidays A .plete guide of whats on is published weekly in the Guia del Ocio or other publications including the Revista Municipal, Barcelona e Vivir en Barcelona. For the next few months Barcelona is preparing some interesting exhibitions that cover all tastes! From antiquities lovers, to modernist curious minds, up to some other events that will light up some intriguing brains! For antiquities lovers and especially for ancient Egypt keen people, Barcelona has just brought into town thirty sarcophagi, a mummy and other funeral objects from five generations of priests found in the temple gardens of Amun, The exhibition is hosted at the Museu Egipci in Barcelona and will close down at the end of September 2008. So you will have some months ahead to organize yourself. The exhibition is called Sarcfags de l’antic Egipte at is particularly interesting as the pieces were discovered in 1903 but it is the first time they have been put on exhibition. The sarcophagi were for members of the family who served the god Karnak, 650BC, in the gardens of Amun. For people of other interests Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB) and the Centre d’Art Santa Mnica have organised an exhibition called "Post-it city. Temporary cities", on the different uses public space can be put to. It forms part of a research project that is looking at the temporary occupation of public space for .mercial, leisure and sexual activities in various cities around the world. This means studying urban activities that appear and disappear as if they were post-its that leave no trace and reveal what certain groups who form part of urban life need and lack. The exhibition is hosted at the Centre de Cultura Contempornia de Barcelona Montalegre, 5 – Ciutat Vella. If you wish to get a different, more thrilling experience of Barcelona, a sort of Da Vincis code set in Spain, the Natural Science Museum got a bright idea! They killed their director and are letting people discovering how Well in other words, Murder at the museum ("Assassinat al museu"), is the title of the exhibition and this is the central thread of an exhibition which shows how forensic investigations help to establish how a person has died and who the chief suspect is. The exhibition, worthless to say, is interactive and allows visitors to conduct an enquiry into who the murderer might be analysing various clues: fibres, DNA samples and larvae, among others. Together they help identify and bring the suspect to justice, from the six people who saw the director on the last night he was alive. The exhibition will be on stage until January 2009 at Museu de Cincies Naturals Pg Picasso, 5 – Ciutat Vella. For cheap ac.modation in Barcelona during spring and summer, well you can use the inter. and you will find many budget lodgings varying form apartments, to youth hostels, ( albergues de la juventud) to guest houses (hostales) or pensions. We have selected some from a list of travellers choices: if you wish to stay in an apartment with the family or your friends you can try : Gran Via Apartments, BCN Dreams apartment, Barcelona Residence and apartments, Corsega Apartment. If looking for youth hostels or guest houses or B&B you can get satisfy at Barna Hostal B&B, Sleepy Beds B&B and guest house, BCN Dreams Guest house, Somnio Hostal, Barcelona Residence, Agua Alegre Hostal, Que Tal Guest house. For nice youth hostels that in Spanish are called albergues de la juventud in Barcelona try Pere Tarres youth Hostel, Residencia Universitaria San Marius hostel, La Trajinera youth hostel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: