Beijing dad sunshine elementary school price list completely scared hit5杨帆

Beijing dad sunshine elementary school price list: completely scared into the school day into bankruptcy, it seems not exaggerated. Yesterday, each school school is a school season, the day before Beijing netizen drying out a list of the opening price, do not know be shocked, a primary school, it takes more than 110 thousand. Listing 1 from the list of users to see the point of view, from the bag, stationery, school recommended bibliography, children’s watches, clothing to wear, extra-curricular training courses, everything is expensive, it is no wonder to spend more than 110 thousand. In Listing 2, in fact, recently parents have said, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Apple three piece has become a standard for school students, family economic situation is not good, become a very heavy burden. Analysis on the first day of Listing 3 experts, become "bankruptcy", this is the parents’ psychological reward "in time, the new" entitlement "at work, businesses in the inducement and easy to cause the students to confuse, vie psychology. Screenshots from the circle of friends for the price list, how do you see?相关的主题文章: