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Big kill device! Apple A10X processor exposure: 10nm process new GPU plus! After the debut of Sohu technology iPhone 7, which is equipped with a A10 processor in the performance of amazing, after all, rolling the entire Android camp, and for A10X we look forward to the. In accordance with the law, Apple should be updated at the beginning of next year, the iPad Pro series, and it is also used to create a new generation of processors in the intense preparation. Now foreign media reported that the A10X processor is nearing completion. From Apple’s official recruitment information, for the next generation of iPad to create the A10X graphics processing unit has been completed on time, and for the description of GPU, apple is just emphasizing the new process technology and design tools. Then there are those who broke the news, A10X may Ma TSMC 10nm process (A9X, A10 are 16nm + FinFET process based on), before the great God broke Guo Mingchi has suggested that the A10 processor will be TSMC exclusive production by taiwan. Look at the design from the A10 architecture, A10X is likely to continue than the previous generation product quad core design, must enhance its performance and power consumption. About 10 of the powerful processor, the apple iPhone 7 A10 Fusion processor was the first to use the four core design, and mixed architecture two big two small, so only in the name of adding Fusion words. ChipWorks had previously released a A10 processor core photos, but can not find the specific location of the four cores, especially the small core of the two. Now, ChipWorks, AnandTech on both sides of the cattle after careful analysis, and finally opened the mystery. The core position and had to guess, it is in the right middle and small chip, the core is close to the core, has taken on a corner, then they are two groups of two level cache and related circuit. You can see that the size of the core part of the color is different, but also that they use a different digital library. Three level cache in the left side of the CPU core module, divided into two groups, respectively, next to the small core. About A10 Fusion deep architecture design, or people continue to dig it, see should just continue to improve on the basis of A9 from the current indications, is said to be the next generation of A11 will be the new architecture. A10 are fast to keep up with the computer, and that A10X is not to heaven? My computer was hit Chengxiang "released a week, iPhone 7 version has been below the official website of the price, the highest discount rate of 300 yuan, almost after the latest generation iPhone release price in the fastest time. IPhone 7 Plus, after experiencing the initial crazy fare increases, the current price is not so amazing. Analyst wall相关的主题文章: