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British cup recommendation: to undertake the blues to overcome the remnants of London bowl – Sohu game time: 2016 10.27          Thursday   02:45 1.04    asian handicap:       West Ham   0.5        Chelsea       0.78 European index: 3.70      3.62    & nbsp; 1.75 tournament Preview: Thursday morning British Cup tournament fourth lap to continue fighting even, West Ham this season seems to have become a day like last season was full of vigor and vitality of them, this season was completely played back to the prototype. Since moving into the London bowl, the team has been unsatisfactory. Perhaps the problems of Feng Shui, or the player does not adapt to the venue, Europa League league out early, early played more don’t know the so-called, only in a recent game team to defeat the Crystal Palace and Sang Delan, ranking only gradually away from the relegation zone. The face of war just victory over Manchester United Club hammers home court will be put to the test. The last week of League 4 0 victory over Manchester United not only to fully and delightfully, and a Conti class rumors swept away, all the players with "revenge" psychological fight former meritorious coach. Unconsciously, the blues in the Premier League has been three consecutive winning streak, ranking back to the familiar four. The blues without European football this season, the team will spare no effort to attack British cup. In recent years, the Blues have been pressing handicap chase battle of West Ham, the recent 3 matches and scored 9 goals, defense to maintain a clean body. At the beginning of the data reference from 0.5 low water handicap, market outlook is 0.75, the water level lowered further, is enough to prove that the recent state. The panel may wish to continue to support the recent pick up, they win. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:3, 1:2 Beijing single field West Ham (+1) ball, SMG recommended: 01 let the ball Shengping Fu West Ham (+1) recommended: 01 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章: