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Marketing Gossip news: Actor Mehcad Brooks, who currently stars on the ABC drama ‘The Deep End,’ is one of four celebrities featured in Calvin Klien Underwear new ad campaign. To launch the Calvin Klien Underwear’s new X collection, Calvin Klein tapped Brooks along with Kellan Lutz(‘Twilight’), tennis star Fernando Verdasco and soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata to appear in four separate Calvin Klien Underwear advertisements that hit retail stores this month. There will also be broadcast and taxi TV spots, in addition to print and outdoor ads about the Calvin Klien Underwear. "The four different guys give us different ways to express things," said Bob Mazzoli, chief creative officer for Calvin Klein Underwear. "They have different personalities, and that helps in our dialogue with our consumers." Photographer Mikael Jansson shot the advertisements in New York. In addition to starring on ABC’s new court drama, the 29-year-old Brooks has also starred on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘True Blood’ and ‘The Game.’ Here is some good news for everyone! It depends on you, your choice: light blue, dark blue, green or yellow? And yes, Eggs from True Blood and Emmett from Twilight are a part of this. Am I the only woman who thinks male underwear model in Calvin Klein Underwear bulge is icky? (lovely lesbians excluded, of course) I don’t mind penises/penii, and I have sought out visual representations of mancandy when in need of stimulatory aid, but just passing by CROTCH BULGE in polite settings always makes me grimace (whilst saying "My word! Why I never!" and scooting away from said package). I love photos of sexy men as much as the next person, but I find it somewhat disingenuous for a Jezebel editor to post these photos in Calvin Klien Underwear of highly idealized and likely heavily photoshopped photos of MEN’S bodies in CK Underwear simply for our viewing pleasure, while, a few posts up, there is a lengthy article about the objectification of WOMEN’s bodies in advertising, and the harm of such idealization of highly unusual, unattainable (for most women by healthy means) body types. Am I the only one who finds this slightly problematic? Wow, everyone looks for sexy, charming, unique. World is changing, opening-mind people is around every corner of the world. Men in Calvin Klien Underwear ads is no longer icky thing, but someone for rising charming, loving for people. It seems men and women love Calvin Klien, the problem is that not every one can afford it, so a rush on online marketplace for Cheap Calvin Klien Underwear springs up. What am I waiting for, I am also the one who are eager for sexy, charming and to be loved. Go for Calvin Klien Underwear, no wrong, to be Calvin Klien Underwear model, never a shame thing, but honored by whole world people. Source by ..calvinklienunderwear../blog/?p=1369 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: