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Sports-and-Recreation Almost certainly there arent any vacant rooms at the Chicago Hilton with the opening of the Cubs Conference 3-day event. If you love crowds and you were fortunate enough to get in out of the chilly cold; it was an chance to greet the Cubs latest outfielder Milton Bradley. Even though the jury of some aficionados may still be out, the Cubs themselves and many other aficionados couldnt be cheerier to have Bradley enlist the team. Who is Milton Bradley you may ask? To some, in a nutshell hes 6 feet, 225 pounds of switch hitting bloodthirsty power that stands to be reckoned with on the field. Bradley was drafted by Montreal straight from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in the 1996 draft during the second round. And if you think Bradleys made his rounds, youre right. His career goes far and wide. Bradley played 19 games with the Oakland Athletics before being traded to Sand Diego. Disappearances from play and injuries to his right calf and left hamstring worked their way into Bradleys history but at the same time he took to the .munity and started two baseball academies and visited children at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles who were suffering from cancer and other blood diseases. The Cubs team seems to approve of Bradley. Pitcher Carlos Zambrano says he doesnt want to people to see the bad part of Bradley and cites Bradley as a good guy when you dont go after him. Of course, many consider Zambrano easily wound himself but Zambranos sentiments were shared by other team members, including pitcher Ryan Dempster. He plays the game hard and he plays the game the right away, Dempster .mented about Bradley. Perhaps Lou Pinella summed it up best when he said, Its a new season, I like the versatility, I like that were going to score a lot of runs, and I like that were going to beat you in different ways. So while Bradley inked a 3-year contract with the Cubs on January 8 and met with some of his teammates, hopes were high and smiles were exchanged as the Cubs wel.ed Bradley to the team. And although its highly unlikely that the celebrations going on during the Cubs Convention at the Chicago Hilton will take to the cold streets of Chicago, its safe to say that therell be plenty to keep fans and members talking inside where its warm. It looks like both Chicago fans, Cub aficionados and Cub team members are eager to let bygones be bygones and anticipate the chance to see Bradley in action in the field this season with his number 21 doing what it does best or as Bradley himself tells of what his targets are for the time, Win a championship, he said. Thats pretty much it. What does Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has to tell about the roster? Well, he may not be finished but the changes to the roster may be trivial. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: