Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Kazakhstan boost Kazakhstan relations rainism

China in Kazakhstan Ambassador: Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Kazakhstan Kazakhstan relations along the track to boost the speed ahead – Beijing, China News Agency, Astana in November 2, China Premier Li Keqiang’s official visit to Kazakhstan and attend the third regular meeting on the eve of Kazakh Prime Minister Zhang Hanhui, Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan entitled "Kazakhstan cooperation will usher in a better tomorrow" article, spoke highly of bilateral ties. Zhang Hanhui pointed out in the article, Prime Minister Li Keqiang was invited in November 3rd went to a friendly neighbor of Kazakhstan for an official visit and held the third regular meeting of prime ministers in kazakhstan. This will be the first visit since December 2014, Premier Li Keqiang second times on the largest neighboring northwest Chinese land, will inject new momentum for a strong bilateral relations and cooperation in all areas of development. Zhang Hanhui said that next year will usher in the junior high school 25 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. In Central Asia, the first comprehensive completely solve the boundary problems left over by history, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, including heads of state and government departments, including multi-level cooperation mechanism, signed a "cooperation plan" in adjacent areas, the construction of all-round exchanges and cooperation system covers the central and local. Zhang Hanhui said, in three years, faced with the complicated situation of international and regional situation, Kazakhstan together, overcome difficulties, to carry out a comprehensive "The Belt and Road" and "bright road" strategic docking, actively promote the production and investment cooperation, deepening strategic mutual trust, mutual support, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields like a raging fire. Zhang Hanhui introduction, China Kazakhstan economic and trade cooperation has become increasingly close, accelerate the improvement of the trade structure. Kazakhstan is China’s second largest trading partner in Central Asia, the largest commonwealth. Up to now more than 2600 Chinese enterprises to invest in kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has become Chinese in Eurasia first largest foreign investment destination. Zhang Hanhui stressed that the Sino Kazakh cooperation in production capacity in the ascendant, the future development potential. The two sides have reached a preliminary 51 harvest project, the total contract amount of up to $26 billion 800 million. Particularly gratifying is that the rapid development of agricultural cooperation between the two countries. Chinese people expected in the near future to taste from the Kazakh Steppe Cattle meat, dairy products, honey, vegetable oil and other natural green food. Zhang Hanhui pointed out that China and Kazakhstan to accelerate infrastructure construction, increasing the level of interoperability. Kazakhstan in the existing 5 pairs of perennial ports, the oil and gas cross-border transport pipeline, the 2 cross-border railway lines, the 1 international border cooperation center. Many useful attempts in the field of interconnection between China and Kazakhstan, in the region and even the world has a pioneering and exemplary significance. Among them, Astana light rail Chinese enterprise construction, not only is Kazakhstan’s first city light rail, and China high-speed rail technology for the first time into the Northwest neighbors. Zhang Hanhui said that China and Kazakhstan to build a Silk Road Economic Belt started quickly, with remarkable results. Kazakhstan is the first stop outside the central European train transit. 2015 full year, the European central bank line 815, is in the year of the year of the year, the transit of Kazakhstan, the 584 column, an increase of 127% in the first half of 2016, the Central Bank of the class row of the column, with the same line, the same as in the first half of 619, in the year of the first half of the year, in the first half of the year, in the first half of the year, the market in the first half of 2014相关的主题文章: