Chinese naval escort fleet Zuodi Vietnam to begin a 5 day visit – Sohu news wetnwild

Chinese naval escort fleet Zuodi Vietnam to begin a 5 day visit – Sohu news yesterday, naval escort fleet twenty-third supply ships Chaohu ship arrived in central Vietnam Khanh Hoa cam Ranh port. According to Xinhua news agency Xinhua News Agency yesterday, twenty-third Navy escort fleet arrived in central Vietnam China Jinlan Khanh Hoa Province in Hong Kong, began a 5 day visit to vietnam. Local time 10 pm the same day, Xiangtan ship fleet command ship, Zhoushan ship missile frigates and supply ships Chaohu ship slowly. China embassies and consulates in China, representatives of diplomats, enterprises and other institutions more students and more than 100 people welcome to Hong Kong and Vietnam, ship officers and soldiers lined the shore waving in the. Fleet commander Wang Hongli said at a press conference in Xiangtan on the ship, the two countries have been to drink a river of good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners. In recent years, the two navies have been looking for opportunities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. The invitation to visit Vietnam, the two navies will carry out a visit to each other, football friendlies and a series of multi-level, multi-dimensional exchange activities. I believe that this visit will promote mutual understanding and close friendship, and contribute to the development of friendly relations between the two armies. President of Vietnam Chinese chamber of Commerce Gu Zhaoqing told reporters in Zhoushan after visiting the ship: "military and political exchanges frequently, explain the relationship between the two countries in a healthy and stable development, it gives us confidence in the bilateral economic and trade cooperation." Chinese naval escort fleet escort mission in the Gulf of Aden just completed, returning the way for a friendly visit to Burma, Malaysia and Kampuchea, Vietnam is the fleet to visit the last stop.相关的主题文章: