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Commission: revision of the letter Phi improve the management of large holdings of Level2:A shares of sina finance information rules speed Kanpan Sina Finance client: making the most of the investors are listed with the Commission deputy director of the Department of Zhao Lixin: to promote the listed company information disclosure system construction industry – the newspaper reporter Zhu Baochen China Commission listed the Department inspector and deputy director Zhao Lixin 2016, recently said that the Commission will strengthen the supervision of listed companies, the revised Measures for the administration of information disclosure of Listed Companies in the disclosure of information further, promote the information disclosure system, improve the company listed equity pledge information disclosure rules, improve the reduction of block trading information rules, increase specific information such as the transferee. The day before, the first chairman of a listed company, the general manager seminar held in Haikou, from the general manager of the 149 chairman, 123 listed companies participated in the training activities. The opening ceremony, Zhao Lixin pointed out that from the listed company supervision, information disclosure is the basic system to solve the information asymmetry in the capital market, standardize market behavior, to help investors making arrangements. The construction of information disclosure supervision system is the most important task of listed companies supervision work. "The State Council opinions on further promoting the healthy development of the capital market" (of the [2014]17, the new country of nine) clearly put forward "to urge the listed company to investor demand, fulfill disclosure obligations". Therefore, perfecting the information disclosure system construction oriented investor needs is not only to implement the requirements of the State Council, but also realize the important content of the transformation of the regulatory commission. Vice President Yao Feng from the self-discipline organization point Chinese execution of Listed Companies Association, the association in 2015 to build enterprise platform for dialogue and promote the "National Intelligence supervision, think tank" strategy, and strive to build the membership to reflect the demands of train and safeguard the overall interests of the listed company, promote the improvement of quality and management standard, the listed company has done a lot of work to develop self association standards. Especially at the beginning of 2016, the national securities and futures supervision conference, President Xiao Gang proposed to open and transparent, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minority shareholders, to regulate the operation of the three requirements to promote the development of listed companies. Association as a close to the first-line enterprise management institutions, combined with the recent capital market regulatory restructuring requirements, the future will have more room for development. In 2016 the association will according to the regulatory requirements, the requirements of market development and the needs of members, to strengthen the overall view, society view, innovation concept as a guide, to carry out innovative grasping corporate governance, promoting self-discipline norms, play synergistic effect and promote the work of four key regulatory efforts. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

证监会:修订信披管理办法 完善大宗减持信息规则 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   证监会上市部副主任赵立新:推进上市公司分行业信息披露体系建设   ■本报记者 朱宝琛   中国证监会上市部巡视员兼副主任赵立新日前表示,2016年,证监会将加强上市公司监管,在信息披露方面进一步修订上市公司信息披露管理办法,推进分行业信息披露体系建设,完善上市公司股权质押信息披露规则,完善大宗交易减持信息规则,增加具体受让人信息等。   日前,第一期上市公司董事长、总经理研修班在海口举行,来自123家上市公司149位董事长、总经理参加了本次研修活动。   开班仪式上,赵立新从上市公司监管方面指出,信息披露是解决资本市场信息不对称、规范市场主体行为、帮助投资者决策的基本制度安排。信息披露监管体系建设是上市公司监管工作的重中之重。《国务院关于进一步促进资本市场健康发展的若干意见》(国发[2014]17号,新国九条)明确提出“督促上市公司以投资者需求为导向,履行好信息披露义务”。因此,完善以投资者需求为导向的信息披露体系建设不仅是落实国务院要求,也是实现证监会监管转型的重要内容。   中国上市公司协会执行副会长姚峰从自律组织的角度指出,2015年协会在搭建政企对话平台、推进“国家智库、监管智囊”战略、努力打造会员诉求反映的直通车、维护上市公司整体利益、促进提高上市公司质量和治理规范、制定协会自律准则等方面做了大量工作。特别是在2016年年初的全国证券期货监管工作会上,肖钢主席为促进上市公司规范发展提出要公开透明、要维护中小股东合法权益、要规范运作三项要求。协会作为贴近一线企业的会管机构,结合近期资本市场的监管转型要求,未来将有更大的发展空间。2016年协会将根据监管需要、市场发展需要和会员需求,以强化“全局观、协会观、创新观”为指导,创新性地开展抓公司治理、促自律规范,发挥协同效用、促监管合力四项重点工作。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: