Construction of wisdom show marketing new ecology-helmet怎么读

The palm dispatch to build smart Wyse show "marketing new ecological industry this fall the most watched auto event –2016 Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition in September 2nd officially opened in Chengdu. For the major car brands, the show is not only " show muscle " show new car and new technology platform, but also an important marketing channel. Big data applications based on mobile Internet and wireless networks, is gradually becoming the key to open up the car sales industry chain, can not be reversed with multi Internet big data precision marketing era has arrived. Zhang Hui Ying as a domestic large longitudinal traffic field the largest Wi-Fi operators and big data companies, to show a keen insight into the marketing demand, Wi-Fi’s big data solutions — palm dispatch to the Wyse Chengdu show stage. As consumers in the home also can enjoy the sea fishing service Guests feel at home., FAW TOYOTA, SAIC Buick, SAIC Chevrolet and many other brands use the palm for news show Wyse Wi-Fi operating at this year’s Chengdu auto show solutions. Zhang Huizhi news based on data mining and application for the enterprise in-depth insight into the customer, accurate advertising, scientific management decisions of the new O2O big data solutions. A software system different from the traditional focus on the operation, the palm will Wyse software and IT ability and methodology as a whole, both analysis and practical operation, to provide effective business strategies for enterprise development. Use digital technology to help customers plan future business development, create a new product service model to help customers achieve digital transformation, create new business models and long-term value. The palm Wyse Wi-Fi solution news show, through the exhibition, discussion area, key models and other crowded position set up intelligent Wi-Fi tool, to further expand the data category, and open data resources and on-line dealer stores and other lines, we can quantify the effect of the activities, assist in brand evaluation show passenger and dealership returned to stores, and continue to optimize the delivery algorithm. Zhang Huizhi news to show the intelligent application of intelligent exhibitors and intelligent management, breaking the time limit of the show activities. In tandem with the development of real-time data in front of the exhibition, after the development of marketing channels to the booth to introduce a series of brand and dealer stores, service quality and operational level to a new height, so that precision marketing floor. Through the solution of palm Wyse inquiry, data processing and analysis capabilities of exhibitors has been greatly improved, auto service time and space can be extended. According to the analysis of large data on the site and combined with the industry data of the industry, you can help exhibitors to achieve accurate service after the exhibition. From the consumer behavior, habits and other social wealth, catalyst property aspect, in nearly one million viewers and the show depicts potential customers accurate portrait, can help companies better understand customers interested in marketing models, grasp the rhythm, so as to enhance the brand reputation and sales conversion rate. Through the big data and digital marketing to open up the marketing service ecosystem, bring new impetus and inspiration for the development of the show. This year’s Chengdu auto show released hundreds of new cars, attracting nearly a million visitors. How to find their own consumers in the vast sea of people, and.相关的主题文章: