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Reference-and-Education In the present world, the Internet has be.e a large and integral part of many peoples lives. It has opened up a lot of opportunities to a large proportion of the worlds population. Certainly, the Internet has made life easier in the sense that you can buy almost anything at any place or time. Along with all the positives, there are also some negative aspects of the Internet. Cybercrime is a a bigger problem with more and more reports of swindling, identity theft, embezzlement, hacking, fraud, child pornography, financial theft, phishing scams, cyber stalking, drug trafficking, cyber terrorism, and so on. The increase in cybercrime activities has led the increase in demand for cybercrime specialists who work to counter the threats of cyber criminals and bring them to justice. Cybercrime specialists or .puter forensics specialists are somewhat like cyber detectives. They use their expertise in digital and .puter forensics to prevent and fight cybercrime. As cyber criminals are more sophisticated in their operations, cybercrime specialists have to be alert to the latest developments and think one step ahead. When a cybercrime occurs, the cybercrime specialist has to recover important .puter data for analysis and presentation so that it can be used as evidence. A cybercrime specialist is also expected to know how to access .puter data which is not retrievable by the .mon user. If theres any intrusion into a .puter system, the specialist should be able to detect it. A cybercrime specialist is also skilled in the investigation of all types of .puter media. If you are interested to pursue a career as a cybercrime specialist, you will need to obtain the necessary training and skills. Since the cybercrime specialist career is rather new, theres really no fixed standard requirement for the job in terms of academic qualifications. To improve your chances for employment, you can take some training or educational courses. Many technical schools or .munity colleges offer certificate programs for cybercrime and .puter forensics. In a typical curriculum, you will be learning about technology in cybercrime, criminal justice and procedures, .puter operating concepts, and operating micro.puters. Cybercrime specialists are in demand in private .panies as well as the public sector like the FBI, CIA, the Military, and other government agencies. If you dream of a cybercrime specialist with the FBI, you will definitely need to earn a Bachelor of Science in Cybercrime Investigation or equivalent. Other than that, you need to show some related working experience and undergo an 18-week training course. Some private .panies may accept an associate degree or even somebody who has knowledge about .puters, programming, and the like. This is because its normal for a cybercrime specialist to get on-the-job training. In the beginning, you will be working with an expert cybercrime specialist who shows you how to go about your job. The salary of a cybercrime specialist varies according to experience, industry, location, .pany, position, and benefits. Generally, a professional cybercrime specialist can expect to earn about $70,000 to $96,000 per annum. Cybercrime specialists in executive roles can expect to earn about $106,000 on average. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: