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The rescue team has been fighting for more than 10 hours to shift more than 200 trapped people. Chen Xiaodong was so tired that he fell asleep. After the typhoon, each rescue team in Xiamen immediately took part in the rescue, and the public actively launched self-help. Twilight rescue team vice captain Chen Xiaodong and his team were fighting for 10 hours in a row, and they interpreted love and responsibility with their actions. After 9 hours of continuous rescue, yesterday he was tired and slightly squinted on the charge boat in the gap of the rescue, and this scene was photographed by the citizens. Yesterday, this photo in the circle of friends crazy pass, public friends have been touched by the wind walker, he is Xiamen Shuguang rescue team vice captain Chen Xiaodong. More than four in the morning? "Hello, there are two empty nesters trapped here." "The child is locked in the house. Come and help us."." Yesterday morning, the typhoon "Meranti" after landing, the dawn of the rescue team on duty phone rings constantly, received a lot of people for help. Chen Xiaodong is responsible for the B rescue team, the rescue area is Haicang living area, Kok beauty and East Fu street. More than four o’clock yesterday morning, he and the players open off-road vehicles, with rescue tools, quickly launched rescue in haicang. Zaikuzailei worth?? two Empty Nester trapped, Chen Xiaodong and her team to climb the 24 floor, success will deliver them; 6 young people holding the tree, trapped in the Binhu Road, Sea Road intersection, the Chen Xiaodong team and will save them from the water; a family of three was anti lock at home, Chen Xiaodong and the team crossed the roadblocks, they will be rescued…… After 10 hours, Chen Xiaodong and his team transferred more than 200 trapped people. The most impressive thing about Chen Xiaodong was a rescue in the corner yesterday. Yesterday, Chen Xiaodong received a call for help, two children trapped in the village, "to the trapped to find the fire, we covered with wet towels to try to help, but the fire is too big, can not enter."". After getting the fire extinguisher, the fire was extinguished, and two children were successfully rescued. "It is worth seeing the happy expression of the help people, the relieved heart of the family members, and the bitterness and suffering again."". Every rescue is perfect. Chen Xiaodong is the chief executive of an advertising company and vice captain of the Xiamen Twilight rescue team. In 2012, he was thrown into public welfare because of curiosity, and in his words: "did not expect to enter the pit, can not come out."." In 2014, Chen Xiaodong and other enthusiastic people together set up the dawn rescue team in Xiamen. "Take every rescue mission seriously, and the process and the outcome require the best, each of which is up to standard." This is what his teammates rated him.

曙光救援队连续奋战10小时 转移200多名被困人员 ?  陈小冬累得就这么睡着了。   ?  台风过后,厦门各支救援队随即行动起来参与救援,市民也积极展开自救。曙光救援队副队长陈小冬和队员们连续10小时奋战在一线,他们用行动诠释着爱与责任。   ?  经历了9个小时的连续救援,昨日疲倦的他在救援的间隙在冲锋艇上稍微眯了一下,而这一幕被市民拍了下来。昨日,这张照片在朋友圈里疯传,市民朋友纷纷被这位逆风行者所感动,他就是厦门曙光救援队副队长陈小冬。   ?  凌晨四点多展开救援   ?  “你好,这里有两位空巢老人被困了。”“孩子被反锁在家里了,快来救救我们。”昨日凌晨,台风“莫兰蒂”登陆后,曙光救援队的值班电话就不断响起,收到了许多民众的求救。   ?  陈小冬负责的是B组救援队,救援区域是海沧生活区、角美以及东孚街道。昨日凌晨四点多,他和队员们开上越野车,带上施救工具,迅速在海沧展开救援。   ?  再苦再累也值得   ?   两名空巢老人被困,陈小冬和队员爬上24楼,成功将他们解救;6名年轻人抱着树,被困在滨湖北路、海富路交叉口,陈小冬和队员将他们从积水中救出;一 家三口被反锁在家,陈小冬和队员冲过“路障”,将他们成功解救……历经10小时,陈小冬和队员们转移了200多名被困人员。   ?  最令陈小 冬印象深刻的是昨日在角美的一场救援。昨日,陈小冬收到一起求救,两个孩子被困在村子里,“到了被困地发现着火了,我们捂着湿毛巾尝试进去救援,但是火势 太大了,进不去”。在取得灭火工具后,现场的火扑灭了,两名孩子被成功解救,“看到受帮助的人开心的表情,家属宽慰的心,再苦再累也值得”。   ?  每次救援都力求完美   ?  陈小冬是一家广告公司的老总,也是厦门曙光救援队的副队长。2012年,他因为好奇而投入到公益救援,用他的话说:“没想到入坑了,出不来了。”   ?  2014年,陈小冬等热心人士一起筹备组建了厦门曙光救援队。“认真对待每一次救援任务,过程和结果都要求做到最好,每一个都达到标准。”这是队友对他的评价。相关的主题文章: