Densely populated provinces to receive the original people have a background – Sohu news 残清1864

Many people to receive intensive central is the original background of the Sohu news "Sichuan daily news October 27th, Sichuan selected 121 financial cadres attachment, from these banks, insurance, securities and other financial institutions professionals, most were arranged in the county (city, district) party and government important positions. On the same day, Fujian Province, the Sixth Batch of cadres to finance, to the province’s 58 counties (city) the organization attachment. In June this year, Hunan is also a sigh of relief from the 15 central financial institutions recruit 18 financial professionals, 13 were assigned to the city state attachment. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that financial cadres of precedents. In 2014, Sichuan from the size of the central financial institutions of Fujian and the selection of personnel attachment, to carry out this "personnel action" for six years. Shandong is recognized as the typical promote financial cadres. The "gold" since three years ushered in a total of 15 attachment to "financial vice mayor", increased to 313 billion 60 million yuan of financial industry. 2013, Guo Shuqing, chairman of the Shandong provincial governor transferred from the Commission, then launched the reform of the financial sector. Why should Shandong finance? According to media reports, the Shandong financial has been the provincial economic weakness, the financial sector ranked only twenty in the country in many provinces, Shandong in a hundred in the financial industry, only 2 people, while Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places of the data is 6 to 7. Concern is that the Shandong gold change after the start, the central financial departments and enterprises to send 30 cadres to Shandong attachment, Shandong province each city are equipped with a "financial" vice mayor. Prior to this, despite the fact that many financial institutions to go to the leadership of the local precedent, Guo Shuqing himself had to work in Guizhou, but such a large-scale deployment of personnel, at that time is also quite rare. Most of the "financial vice mayor attachment for only a short period of one year, but to do things a lot: they rely on their own resources and connections of local financial services innovation and development, more or less brought project. For example, the Commission issued the Ministry of former director general office Zhang Wangjun in Weifang, Weifang set up a rural property trading center Qilu; from the banking system following Shen Ben, contributed to the Linyi city voted to issue 5 billion yuan of the province’s largest private bond shed change, the underwriter is the old boss open; vice mayors also attaches great importance to the popularity of financial concepts in November 2013, Weihai City Vice Mayor fan of France arrived near to do a lecture to learn financial knowledge, per capita local city and district departments responsible for many. Following Shandong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Tianjin, Guizhou and other provinces have introduced the central financial talent, in order to promote the province’s financial reform. In Sichuan, financial cadres two years before they made such a report card: more than and 80 companies started the listing process, further promote the reform of local agricultural businesses, a number of financial and insurance institutions in the local. The why of financial cadres ransacked? Hunan media reported that the province this batch of the introduction of high-level financial professionals, the implementation of both the central to deepen the reform of talent development system deployment requirements, but also to cultivate and reserve financial professionals, financial development padded short board, to help guide the local government report相关的主题文章: