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Did you watch the film yesterday? – Sohu mother and child at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the long-awaited film finally released. I don’t want to say, can you guess what movie I’m talking about? If you’ve been on the official WeChat, you must be able to guess. This movie is 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon in the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official WeChat platform to release the delivery of real documentary preview. As the first platform, a lot of friends after seeing the film, have left a message in WeChat, said his feelings. Although it is a micro film, but the overall effect of the film is very professional, very large effect." Liu after seeing the film in WeChat message. In the National Health Education Management School Q group, the film has not yet released when the mothers in the group began to discuss. Many mothers have said that the film looks too long, and finally to be released, very much looking forward to. The film was released later, everyone was watching on one side in the group discussion, two child mother told us when she was born and big baby, in the movie a few needle articles are basically the same, not far from the hospital at the time. Although he has had the delivery experience, but was born in the county, has seen the film after the discovery in the health production process is very clear, the environment and equipment is not to say. Of course, there are many mothers say different opinions, Ms. Wang said, the film about the comprehensive expression of labor preview content, but the rhythm is a little fast, some production points didn’t remember, have to see it again. Miss Zheng said she was pregnant for the first time, the most worried about is the issue of postpartum, but the film is not very detailed about the content of postpartum. See users of the message, we are very happy, thank you for your valuable advice, we will learn from the film in the future comments.相关的主题文章: