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Does a universal spiritual healing energy exist that can seemingly create miracles in your life? Can this energy accelerate your spiritual enlightenment? Can this energy also heal your body and mind? Many cultures think there is. Let’s take an imaginary vacation around the world and explore this energy. Imagine traveling to the big island of Hawaii. You investigate an active volcano and witness scientists placing steel rods into the lava. The steel rods melt. However, much to your astonishment there is a woman walking through the lava unharmed. Of course you want an answer to this mystery so you approach the scientists to ask them why. How can steel melt in the lava, yet the woman’s feet are totally protected? The scientists look at you and shrug their shoulders. It’s an anomaly," they explain. This answer doesn’t help you very much. So you ask the woman how she does it. She explains that she is a Kahuna and that she believes in a universal spiritual healing energy known to her as Manna. She believes this energy spiritually benefits her and it can also protect her from the lava. She further counsels you that it can benefit you as well but only if you believe in it. Let’s continue our mental vacation and travel to Tibet in the winter. You are met by a Sherpa guide. Imagine you are wearing a parka and but are still cold. You travel to a location where you find several monks nearly naked, sitting upon large blocks of ice. These monks are being filmed and to your surprise they are melting the ice! Of course your rational mind demands an explanation. You turn to the scientists and the camera crew that is filming this event. The scientist proclaims, It’s an anomaly." Again the explanation doesn’t give you any information. You approach the monks with your Sherpa Guide. You learn that the monks believe in a universal spiritual healing energy which they call Tumho. They believe this energy will benefit their spiritual enlightenment and it can be used in spiritual healing. They further believe that it protects them from the cold. They wisely counsel you that this energy can work for you too, if you believe in it. Let’s continue our investigation and travel to China. Much like Bill Moyers discovered n the 1980’s we find a small elderly man in his 80’s. He is a Tai Chi master and we learn that no one can budge him from his spot. When we ask the scientists how this is possible, they proclaim, "It’s an anomaly." Wanting more understanding, you approach the Tai Chi master and learn that he believes in a universal spiritual healing energy known as the Chi. He believes this energy accelerates his spiritual evolution and it is also a healing energy. He further explains to you that if you believe in this energy it can work for you too. The next leg of our journey takes us to India where we meet a spiritual yogi, perhaps the supreme yogi, Sri Babaji, the Immortal One. We speak with this young man, a spiritual giant in India, who never ages and wonder about his secret. He tells us he believes in a universal spiritual healing energy known as Prana. He believes that this energy is most beneficial for spiritual enlightenment and it keeps his body youthful. He further believes that this energy can be literally brought into one’s life with an intention. Babaji says that this energy can work for you, if you believe in it. For the last part of our vacation, we journey to France, to Lourdes. While visiting the sacred healing area, we are faced with numerous miracles that science can only explain as an anomaly. A man riddled with tumors the size of lemons bathes in the water and emerges totally free from them. Crippled women told by medicine they would never walk again bathe in the waters and walk again. When you ask the nuns what is happening, they proclaim, "We believe in a universal spiritual healing energy we call the Holy Spirit." They believe this energy furthers spiritual understanding, creating healing miracles in the body and mind. They believe this energy will work for you as well, if you believe in it. In our travels we’ve discovered a universal spiritual healing energy known as Manna, Tumho, Chi, Prana or Holy Spirit. It appears that this energy available to believers. What about you? Are you ready to believe and to receive the benefits of a universal spiritual healing energy? Do you want to feel more connected to a sacred energy that will further your spiritual enlightenment and assist in healing if needed? If you are ready for the transformation from non-believer into believer, then take a tip from a successful pharmacist of the 1800’s. His name was Emile Coue and most recognized through his affirmation, "Every day in every way I am getting better and better." Coue believed in the effects of his pharmaceuticals, but also believed that the mind was able to affect and even accelerate the action of these medications. By consciously directing one’s thoughts, he observed that his patients could cure themselves more efficiently by replacing their thought of illness with a new thought of cure. Coue believed that repeating words or images enough times causes the subconscious to absorb them. The cures were the result of using imagination or positive autosuggestion to the exclusion of one’s own, often negative thoughts. Let’s use this idea to attune you to the universal spiritual healing energy. Start with the idea that you need to believe in the energy. Replace your thoughts of non-belief with thoughts of belief. What is a belief? It is a thought held with passion. Just as a yogi consciously believes he can inhale this sacred energy, cultivate the belief within you that you too can breathe in and absorb this energy. Place your body in a .fortable position. When yogis want to relax and meditate, they lie down, allowing their shoulders to sink to the earth. They also focus their attention on the middle of their foreheads. Next, they take a few cleansing breaths to relax their minds and have the right attitude. A cleansing breath is breathing through your nose and exhaling out your mouth while making an audible "aaaaaaahhh" sound. While doing this, try to imagine you are sinking into a tub of warm, soothing water. Now prepare your mind with some thoughts. Say the following affirmation aloud three times with PASSION: "My body and mind are about to receive the universal spiritual healing energy." Pause after each repetition and believe this is about to happen. Believe this is the case. Repeat this affirmation three times: "My body and mind are now receiving the universal spiritual healing energy." Again, after each repetition, pause and feel it. Anticipate and expect it to happen. Now for the final step with the affirmations, repeat three times: "My body and mind are .pletely receiving the universal spiritual healing energy." Pause and feel that you are receiving and absorbing this sacred healing energy. If you practice this affirmation every day, you will find that your ability to receive this sacred energy increases. You are learning to receive and absorb this energy. It doesn’t matter if you call this energy the Holy Spirit, tumho, prana, manna, chi or the power of thought. The greatest discovery in human history was the discovery of mind. Your thoughts can draw this energy into your life and create surprising changes. This energy exists if you believe in it. It won’t force itself upon you, but you can choose to bring it into your life. You have the power of choice. Your moment of power is always in the present. It’s your choice. You now have the power to be.e a believer and a receiver of this spiritual universal healing energy. 相关的主题文章: