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Drink less oil power strong domestic small displacement turbo models contrast in Turbo technology widely used in mass production before the car, automotive engineers to seek stronger power, often by increasing the number of cylinders more and more exhaust to achieve the purpose, but with the increase of car ownership, large displacement caused by vehicle exhaust the pollution is becoming more and more serious, which highlights the "warming" problem also let governments pay more attention to the topic of environmental protection. In order to comply with the more stringent environmental standards in Europe and the domestic auto policy, Germany, the United States, the Japanese manufacturers have launched their own small displacement turbocharged models in the market. Although the car engine capacity is reduced, but the output power of turbine in the blessing has not declined, fuel-efficient and powerful, so more and more consumers choose to buy turbo models. Dongfeng Fengshen released A60 DCT version to see turbocharged models so hot, many China car manufacturers also sit still, respectively, independent research and development of small displacement turbo engine and it is carried to their production models, to segment a cake of their own from the market by such a method. Through the careful comparison found that the attention degree of domestic small displacement turbocharged high compact car models four, three, respectively (Dongfeng Fengshen A60 ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 1.4T manual distinguished type, manual type to Geely imperial 1.3T, equipped with 1.4T engine Roewe (micro-blog) 36020T dual clutch elite version, Beiqi Saab D50 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 1.5T manual standard edition. Now please follow me to understand the four models! Price comparison model name MSRP (million) 2016 Dongfeng Fengshen A60 manual 1.4T exclusive edition 8.172016 Geely imperial 1.3T manual upward edition 8.782015 SAIC Roewe 20T dual clutch 360 Elite Edition 9.992016 Beiqi Saab D50 1.5T manual Standard Version 8.87 (a) the appearance of contrast 2016 Dongfeng Fengshen A60 1.4T manual distinguished type as the market launch of the latest models, Dongfeng Fengshen A60 chose not to blindly follow, with many other brands of the same level models as to compromise, deliberately creating a movement, exaggerated appearance. On the contrary, it is more stable and pragmatic design, and this design is undoubtedly more in line with a family car product positioning. The front is the most eye-catching is the shield grille with four chrome trim, with two "bright" after the blackened headlights, which create a stable and fashionable visual experience. In my opinion, the most dazzling design for Dongfeng Fengshen A60 side of the body, is that throughout the entire body waist used fender wheel eyebrow at the front and rear door handle extending through to the tail and stop, the whole side of the body and the three-dimensional sense of strong, while the front and rear doors beneath the chrome trim embellishment just perfect, enhance the vehicle’s appearance. In addition, adding Aluminum Alloy rim 16 inch multi spoke also let A60 with a Fengshen sports fan)相关的主题文章: