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Travel-and-Leisure Ski holidays in the Alps are very popular for people living in the UK. If you want to visit one of the best resorts in Europe and book a chalet, catered and self-catered options are available in many resorts, along with some truly fantastic skiing. You can fly then transfer by road to these resorts with ease, or even take a train. However, many people decide to drive from the UK to the Alps as they prefer the freedom that this provides, and the fact that they can take their equipment with them without any difficulties. Many people also like to make the drive a part of the adventure. If you like the idea of driving to your ski resort in the Alps from the UK, here is a quick guide to how to do that. Getting Across the Channel The first thing to consider when driving to the Alps is how best to get across the Channel. You have two main options here: the Eurotunnel or a ferry. Eurotunnel The train going through the Eurotunnel only takes 35 minutes to get you to France from Folkestone, so if time is of the essence this is the fastest and most convenient way to get to France. Trains run every day of the year, and there are up to four an hour so you will always be able to choose the most convenient one for you. Once you arrive at Calais you will be able to drive straight off the ferry as all of the controls are done before getting onto the train. If you choose the Eurotrain, you may be able to book your travel arrangements at the same time that you book your chalet. Catered chalet accommodation providers may be able to help you to do this, so keep it in mind. Ferry Crossing The ferry is a slower way to get across the Channel, but it is fun and it is also less expensive. You can get out and walk around and have something to eat during the trip, and it will take just over an hour to arrive. When you book your chalet, catered or otherwise, decide whether this is the best way for you to cross the Channel and then you may be able to book it along with your holiday. Driving Across France Once you arrive in France, the drive is just over 600 miles to most resorts. However, the going is easy because almost the entire journey is by motorway. If you want to break the trip up you can stay in a hotel at given places. If you do drive you may even be able to enjoy more days of skiing on your holiday, making it an even more worthwhile option. Just remember to take snow chains, a warning triangle, and a few other items of equipment that are legally required to drive in France. Check with the authorities before you go to find out what the latest requirements are. Drive to the Alps on Your Ski Holiday There are many good reasons to drive across France when you book your chalet. Catered and self-catered chalet providers can often help you out if you need information, so consider asking them for more info when you travel to the Alps for your ski trip. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: