Economist Guan Qingyou PPP should not only focus on the scale of quality should focus on – Finance – ca1806

Economist Guan Qingyou: PPP should not only focus on the scale of pay more attention to the quality of Finance — — original title: PPP should not only focus on the scale of pay more attention to the quality of PPP 100 forum chief economist, Minsheng Securities Institute executive president Guan Qingyou recently participated in the theme of "new opportunities" for the development of new urbanization and PPP of the seventh Yuan Hengxiang smart city investment and development forum was entitled "Rethinking" Chinese PPP speech. Guan Qingyou said that the PPP model in China’s development of space and great potential, and landing speed. Data show that as of the end of 2016 6, warehousing projects 9285, with a total investment of $10 trillion and 600 billion, one hundred thousand PPP feast has been opened. PPP accelerated landing, has entered the implementation phase of the number of 619 projects, the amount of investment exceeded 1 trillion, of which the addition of the new project in the second quarter of, an increase of nearly $50 million investment. Guan Qingyou believes that the current PPP faces ten major problems: first, administrative institution of overlapping responsibilities, line second, PPP is difficult to distinguish; the law system is not established, the method of conflict; third, lack of local government credit, contract consciousness, social capital is full of worries; fourth, reform and system construction is not in place, the participation of social capital the operation is very passive; fifth PPP project land policy is not yet clear, the project land acquisition difficulties; sixth, PPP project income is low, lack of power of social capital financial investment; seventh, financial instruments and markets are not perfect, the financing channel is not smooth; Eighth, the PPP project supervision is lagging behind, leading to frequent problems, highlighting the risks; Ninth, the lack of professional talents and intermediary service institutions, PPP design level is not high; tenth, the financial supporting system Imperfect, exit mechanism is not smooth. In this regard, the tube kiyotomo suggested that the authorities identify itself, clarify the scope of their respective duties, coordinate the promotion of PPP; to resolve the dispute, PPP unified legislation; the operation of the government PPP project must attach great importance to grasp their position, strengthen business consciousness and the spirit of the contract, guarantee project steady cooperation; Ministry of land and resources should play an active role in making PPP the project of the land policy as soon as possible, clear the project land acquisition methods; social capital should be clearly aware of the PPP project for the fact that low profit projects, reasonable estimate of project income, the government should change ideas, fair social capital, ensure project quality, at the same time, as the case should be improved by way of the overall development project benefits PPP; improve the financing market, actively attract and integrate including banks, securities, insurance, trust, fund etc. The construction of financial resources, covering equity investment, credit guarantee, insurance, multi-level PPP financing market; the "exit mechanism" as an important part to be standardized, the government should learn from foreign exchange PPP, relying on all kinds of property rights, equity market, providing diversification, standardization, market exit channel for social capital. PPP should not only pay attention to scale, but also pay attention to quality. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: