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"Eleven" golden week   1 million 345 thousand and 400 tourists Yinchuan tourism Channel original title: 1 million 345 thousand and 400 tourists Yinchuan "eleven" golden week, Yinchuan City, careful organization and deployment, planning to launch a series of large-scale tourism Huimin activities, holiday tourism consumption again detonated. During the eleven, a total of tourists in Yinzhou, a total of 1 million 345 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 79.12%, operating income of $55 million, an increase of 30.01%, total tourism income of $1 billion 17 million, an increase of 26.54%. It is reported that "eleven" golden week, Yinchuan was rated the National Tourism and leisure demonstration city brand effect highlights, becoming the biggest highlight of Ningxia holiday tourism. At the same time, the attraction of the new format of the project and to accommodate the role of the holiday season has always led to keep Yinchuan high. Zhenbeipu Western Studios is the biggest highlight of the scenic night project, the old Yinchuan Street featuring flowers, shadow play, rap performances, Qingcheng and folk performances, the three regions in the area has a different style of the night lights during the festival, a total of 180 thousand tourists trips; Shuidonggou high-tech through 30 thousand years of ancient times the real experience of ancient human life and disaster scene, with free board "3000 blessing, be promoted step by step ladder" creative free face painting, cool and fun, greatly attracted tourists; hometown of Chinese Culture Park "beautiful Yinchuan" Yongning bright one thousand and one night playing season of "eleven" Hi, Hi up to the night of October 1st, large-scale art fireworks will point beautiful Yinchuan sky, magnificent fireworks and building the perfect combination, at the same time, the local bands of Ningxia on 6 October 1st Every night in the area of wonderful singing, large 3D naked eye wall show, light show, many large buildings lighting device nightly, attract large numbers of tourists; huangshagudu holiday original ecological tourism area launched the "plug the original ecological tours by the Blitz, the national day seven day, benefit from the improvement of traffic conditions and the peripheral area" the people of Ningxia, to buy half price tickets for free tickets, tickets and preferential packages "Huimin policy, tourists have significantly increased compared to the same period; the Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park during the festival, Yinchuan ship hung red flag, experience accommodation in the ship can enjoy in the night garden, landscape landscape exhibition, water curtain falls and bridge," eleven "during the period, a total of 43 thousand and 400 tourists trips. During the holiday season, self driving, self-help as the main way of leisure travel continued to dominate the market, more than 80% of the total tourism. Tourists mainly from the Ningxia region and the surrounding areas of North China and Mongolia Qinghai, central and southwest regions of Southern China and tourists. (reporter Bao Shuling) (commissioning editor: Lai Jianjing (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: