[eleven] – the following a few minutes will be able to apply for Burma electronic sign – tourism Soh stanley博士的家2

[eleven] – the following a few minutes will be able to apply for Burma electronic sign – Sohu this is the second successful tourism Susu themselves on the Internet to do their own visa, before the long-term dependence on a treasure of habits that are slowly corrected. In fact, some things they do not try to always feel very difficult, only to do it all found that So easy. do not understand English does not matter, follow the following step by step on the line. 4 see pop up the following page and click on the circle of red pen to enter the next step. 5 take out the passport to fill in the following information, and finally remember to upload a large white 2 inch certificate photo electronic files. Then carefully check three times information right, blue button and then click on the continue. below to enter the next step as the following 6 pop-up page, and then carefully check all the information is correct, and then click on the red circle of the blue button to enter the next step. 7 and then enter the payment page to click on the red button to enter the payment page to pay the line on the line, if the payment is not successful, it is necessary to change the card to try again, try several times on the line. 8 after the payment is successful, the mailbox will receive a confirmation letter as soon as possible. Then sit and wait for a visa on the line, Burma electronic check out is generally five working days, but I received a visa in two working days. 9 the following mail is a letter to the letter, the attachment is the Burma electronic visa, Download print on the line. Electronic visa in Burma electronic files prime world: Global traveler, go freelance, Sina signed a contract from the media, video blogger, sina Master travel game player, second shot, multi platform media, OTA traveler. Lotto columnist. As early as orange from the media alliance members, members of the China Photographers Association, five years after walking through the continent, the more than and 30 countries. < Sina micro-blog @ go world > WeChat public number: the world’s suzoushijie personal micro signal: QQ number: 119924709 Sohu from the media: fast station community: Club Forum Vug4Kk3Nslgsqapm相关的主题文章: