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UnCategorized The overwhelming majority of misconceptions about gaining muscle mass originate from many places including casual conversations at the gym and self proclaimed experts who don’t really know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, the these misconceptions more often than not lead to wasted time and extraordinary frustration. Indeed, many muscle gain myths can actually substantially set back your progress. You shouldn’t listen to and believe every thing you hear at the gym when it comes to building muscle mass. Very basic principles apply to all muscle gain such as overloading, adjusted frequency of repetition, and heavy weight workouts. Let’s take a look at some of the frequent misconceptions commonly found circulating around gyms: 1. A High Amount Of Repetitions Burn Fat While High Intensity, Low Repetition Workouts Build Muscle .. Muscles actually get bigger by a process known as ‘progressive overload.’ This means that you must be able to do more reps than you did the last time you did that particular exercise. If the weight doesn’t change and the amount of reps remains constant then nothing really changes on you other than to maintain your present level of strength. If your goal is to burn fat and not build muscle, then your time is better spent on the elliptical machine or in the swimming pool. 2.You MUST Eat Meat To Build Muscle .. Before the advent of dietary supplements it was true that you needed lots of meat to build muscle because there were few alternative that could offer as much protein as beef, poultry and fish. Scientific studies have confirmed that athletes who strictly consume protein supplements as opposed to meat generally experience identical muscle gains to those athletes who do eat meat. In other words, you can be a vegetarian and still pack on plenty of muscle mass. 3. Weight Lifting Speeds Up The Metabolism So Efficiently That You Can Eat Whatever You Want .. This is actually true provided that you don’t give a damn how you look or whether or not you actually gain muscle mass. While intense weight lifting certainly does burn many calories it is by no means an open license to eat anything you like. In reality you should avoid manufactured sugars (those found in soda and snacks) like the plague and always balance your caloric intake with your energy expenditure. A few departures here and there won’t hurt you too bad but for the most part you will have to closely monitor your eating habits if building muscle is your goal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: