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Landscaping-Gardening Everyone has their own preferred method for keeping deer from destroying their vegetable or flower gardens. By choosing plants that deer find either inedible or offensive, one can create a garden that deer simply do not wish to bother. For existing gardens however, deer repellent plants are available that may be added to the existing plants to aid in keeping the deer at a distance. Each different area will have slight differences in the types of plants that can be used to effectively repulse deer. Deer are as different as people in their tastes and, dependent on the type of deer, the plant type may need to be altered. By conducting a little research into the type of deer in the area, one can effectively select the proper plants to use as repellents. The homemade remedies and available commercial deer repellents base the majority of their ability to repel deer on creating a taste that the deer find offensive. Finding a plant that deer do not like the taste of is only one portion, as the plant must also be able to survive in the garden. Many areas of the country have a variety of plant with prickly leaves or thorns that will not only thrive in a garden but also naturally repel deer. The deer’s sense of smell should also be taken into consideration when choosing any type of repellent plant. By choosing plants that give off a distinct odor, such as onions, you create an invisible barrier and assault their senses. This is also the basis for many of the spray on type repellents that are available for sale. Drier climates have the distinct advantage of being home to one of the best plants for repelling deer available. The cactus, while having many varieties that bloom beautiful flowers, has the distinct advantage of prickly thorns over 80% of its leaves. Cactuses as a whole can survive in virtually any environment, making them perfect for this application. Trees can take quite a bit of abuse in an area that is densely populated by deer. For these areas, there are certain varieties of trees that deer will either avoid or simply not bother with. These include, but are not limited to, different varieties of fir, pine, dogwood, or birch trees. With a wide variety of plants and trees available that serve this purpose, consumers are sure to find something that fits into the overall scheme of their yard or garden. The majority of trees and plants available for this purpose can make a very nice addition to any landscape design. Along with blooming flowers and beautiful plants, one may find a vegetable or two that will fit right into the garden. Deer repellent plants will offer a level of protection along with adding to the variety of a garden. By going online, the many different varieties of these plants and trees may be researched for compatibility with the area in which you live. This will aid you in making the proper selection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: