Forget about the pilot’s jacket! Through the air field, you only need a plaid single product (video) drop dead diva

Forget about the pilot’s jacket! Through the air field, you only need a plaid single product recently fall into the whole street is pilot jacket ah, Vetements ah, see my eyes. Even never cares about women’s straight, with half of the jacket photo Phi shoulders asked me, "now is not very popular to wear dirty clothes?" Contrariety do not love no brain to chase the trend, the more crazy, it is not love. Simple and popular science about the durability of the retro wind bar, for example – how to wear the United States and the grid pattern. You may remember that a few years ago turned out a titar sifuentes (Dita · Von Teese), the world’s most elegant dancers, with exquisite retro street, once again put the fire maxmara. That year the actress who, from Lady Gaga to Kardashian, everyone must catch this fashionable maxmara. All the beauty in the end? Take a look at the above a few street shot, responsibly, the average person to wear it, it is really terrible. (fortunately, no one is wearing it now) is it possible for us to have an amateur and a pattern? Not at all! The two quarter fashion turnover lap, street shot pioneers who are dressed in a tacit understanding of the plaid coat, which is the number of Welsh Pro Wang Ge most popular. Popular for so long, mainly because it is enough to wear it. Popular science time: Welsh Pro Wang is what ghost? Some people may ask, the name is very long, is this not the ordinary Scotland square? Welsh Pro Wang, also known as Glen Plaid. If you carefully study the big family, will find a lot of usually familiar with the grid, the original is a decent name ah. So the prince Welsh lattice is one of the most bookish, one of the most ancient and elegant. Speaking of its origin, there is something interesting: the classic pattern of implementation of the world, it is the year of Great Britain’s Prince Welsh, another of his more familiar to you is to give up the title, the Duke of Windsor – Jiangshan Edward VIII for beauty. If the last century to ten are named Master, Duke of Windsor must list. Don’t believe his political, but the introduction to fashion three fashion revolution, Windsor, Windsor and Prince Welsh (Glen Plaid) lattice. Among them, the first two is not his invention, but he was out of fame, and hence the name "windsor". The prince Welsh lattice, is actually to the Duke of Windsor’s grandfather (another named Prince Welsh, Duke of Windsor) only in the later more famous, has previously been called Prince Welsh, but also the pattern of number one stores, and make the story into a beautiful misunderstanding. At first, Welsh was prepared for the English gentlemen, and could be found in his suit and coat. Recently, the wind in the circle seemed to regain the suit, fashionable men have custom Plaid suit as a conversation. 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast here here here to see every day: Kendall supermodel & #183; Jenna best gene family.相关的主题文章: