[fresh] duck stew vermicelli and Sohu tamiflu

[fresh] duck stew vermicelli eat duck stew vermicelli – Sohu, creativity from chicken stew vermicelli, like the delicious. When the end of the table reeky casserole, delicious taste will make us slobber dc. But I won’t tell you, every time if you want to have noodles to eat, because it is very delicious. After processing the exclusive vermicelli, absorb fragrant gravy, entrance soft waxy but have a certain toughness, in fact, the duck is delicious, soft, tasty, but I also love some noodles. [ingredients] duck 750g, 150g, 10g and potato starch were 2 and 1 pieces of ginger, pepper, cooking oil 1 tablespoons, 2 tablespoon soy sauce, salt and a little amount of boiling water, [] is duck processing clean, clean cuts; cold water pot; boil, wash the duck floating duck; drain some vermicelli; soak the hair more than 2 hours; the soaked vermicelli stand out; Hazel with washed away dust, open blisters 0.5 hours with cold; pepper washed, shredded ginger wash, shred. Hot wire, hot pepper and ginger, stir fried flavor; under the duck, duck will stir fry under oil; soy sauce, duck duck and color; will the soaked mushroom into the casserole, bubble hair Hazel mushroom together into the boiling water, add boiling water; the fire to boil, turn a small fire to cook 20 minutes. In another pot, boiling water, under the soaked vermicelli; boil again, the vermicelli picked up; soak in cold water for 5 minutes; drain water stand-by; to duck; simmer to vermicelli with transparent, edible salt seasoning, flameout. [5] food cooked duck, the quantity of water than food about 2 cm high, to allow the foot to the water when eating noodles can also add coriander. WeChat Sina micro-blog public number & fifth: the idle away in seeking pleasure相关的主题文章: