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The value of tens of billions to two entrepreneurs from the A stock market, he wanted to return the value of the idle – Sohu technology, a small table, new media reporter Zhou Dan He Bin, editor – the mobile phone recycling market Abstract pain points clear, to use the Internet means it becomes scale and efficiency of "all the scenes tried to cover the user transaction the mobile phone users in the mobile phone, when idle, the first thought to us" he fan attention to mobile phone recycling is to start from their own fishing experience. In the past, he often went to Shenzhen and Houhai fishing friends, but in recent years they had to drive 90 km to Huizhou fishing, because the wastewater discharge of Dongguan, a large number of electronic factory caused serious pollution to the sea, not fishing. He founded 05 years proton supply chain management Limited by Share Ltd, 15 years successfully listed on the A shares, the market value of billions, has achieved financial freedom he began to consider doing something for environmental protection. At first, he wanted to invest in a domestic mobile phone recycling company, but did not find a satisfactory company, simply decided to start their own business. He Fan, founder of recycling treasure through a large number of user surveys, he found that the proportion of China’s annual mobile phone recycling accounted for less than 2% of the sales of new machines, while in Europe and Japan is as high as 50%. On the other hand, there are some problems in the mobile phone recycling market, such as asymmetric information, no standardization. Based on this market opportunity and industry pain points, in July 2014, he was officially founded a mobile phone recycling platform treasure". August 2015, the source of the capital to get a million dollars worth of angel investment. In May this year, the recovery treasure has become the capital and CITIC Capital of nearly 100 million yuan A round of investment. He Fan told the small table, in November 11th, the treasure has been recovered SMC Shi Ming Group’s A+ round of financing, this round of financing, the company valuation is nearly three times the previous round. His goal is to recycle one hundred million phones in the future, so that the value of idle return. And HUAWEI, such as the cooperation between the platform this year, he was only 30 years ago, he has been in the ICT (information, communication and Technology) industry fought for ten years, and had a successful entrepreneurial experience. His first job in the eternal Asia, is one of the earliest ICT supply chain company. In 2005, he found that the supply chain industry there is a large space with prospects, so venture established proton supply chain management Limited by Share Ltd, now the annual flow of nearly 50 billion yuan, and has been listed. With this successful experience, he has the confidence to the "two business": on the one hand, he has achieved financial freedom without what economic pressure; on the other hand, mobile phone recycling involves logistics, warehousing, delivery, the key to solve these problems is the supply chain, and this is his old job. It seems that the sail, the mobile phone market recovery point clear, such as asymmetric information, the price is not standard. He went to Shenzhen for several times in North Huaqiang digital market, find industry confusion, correct people happen often, "people say how much is how much, consumers are very passive". In addition, through the C2C platform transactions, the process is also more trouble,.相关的主题文章: