Gan Yasi gold more than 1 thousand and 272 single hold, crude oil rebound continues high icesword

Gan Yasi: gold more than 1 thousand and 272 single hold, crude oil rebound continues high altitude We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Gan Yasi: more than 1 thousand and 272 gold single holding, Gan Yasi continue to rebound in crude oil altitude: gold more than 1 thousand and 272 single holding, the rebound in crude oil may continue to high altitude, you have seen too much, too much experience, not just because of brokenhearted love, not because of the divorce will no longer believe in love, not because of losses before, I will no longer believe in miracles. Is responsible for good strategy, your task is to resolutely implement, you want me to believe is definitely not overnight, long-term and stable profit is fundamental to understand, think clearly, then come together in the market game, this is a bend so you can pick up the bullion, which is a you can turn the ashes to ashes the battlefield, Fodu somebody, my heart with people! Gold opened the morning of 1278.6, test 1280 to no avail, the market did not test too much resistance, mainly in the days of overall adjustment, the afternoon in the analysis of "Gan Yasi: the golden 1280 below consolidation, crude oil gap remains to be recovered" said gold mainly in 1280 under the entire disk, since the first callback, then then the overall trend or concussion, just change the interval, in accordance with the interval callback to do more, fall is the opportunity to do more, analyze the point in front of said near 1272, after a white plate after the fall, now approaching. On the day, 1270-1280 is expected to run between the gold out of the shock interval, the probability is very low, the top 1284 regions as Friday’s high pressure is the golden location, here today and even as this week’s key pressure to break up the impact of 1290 and 1300 on the long – term bull pressure! Is actually very simple, to break up in the 12741275 regional gold pressing, although not long forming, but bear has been weakened to a great extent; in this case, the bulls will rise with the retracement, but even if there is a downward correction, but also not too much, 1270 as an intensive trading area, a day in the evening under the strong support, difficult breaking! For the operation, it is recommended to rebound to 1284 pressure and short of 12801282, the target 1273-1270 open, see above the bottom of the multi to do more than the target of 1280 open positions! In oil prices continued to decline, down concussion. Following last weekend’s OPEC and non OPEC failed to reach a final agreement on the production quota, so that oil pressure. Although the total number of U.S. oil drilling last week recorded a slight decline, but overall, the total number of oil drilling in the United States continued to recover, or hinted that U.S. crude oil production may be active. In addition, CFTC data show that investors to further reduce U.S. crude oil long positions. The bearish effect of oil market, the market need to be cautious. Market research firm said that even if OPEC really in November相关的主题文章: