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Team-Building Do you have visions of being a great leader? Or perhaps you want to change the world in some way. Everyone has something inside of them, something that says they can do better, be better or have more. If you feel that way why dont you get over yourself and achieve the very thing that you were put on the planet to do? I believe that life squashes dreams and visions. When we start out in life as young children we are great dreamers. Our parents, our teachers, and our peers tell us that we need to face reality. They tell us dreams we have cant .e true or that we are not good enough to fulfill the dreams and visions we have. Most of the time its because they are inadequate and have never done anything to fulfill the dreams that they had when they were small. We really need to understand what we are doing to our children when we put them down, abuse them, and tell them they cant ac.plish the thing that God put them on the planet to ac.plish. Anyone that is a leader has vision. It is just and innate part of them. They have a vision, they have a place that they want to go. If you are looking for people that are leaders to join with you, look for vision. Many of these leaders, however, have not achieved what they were meant to achieve because they dont know how to get their vision from me to we. They have no system for doing so. How do you get your vision from me to we? You have to have a system to do so. You have a get over yourself and have the confidence to get it out. I had confidence issues for many years. I always felt like I wasnt good enough. Everyone else was always better than I was. My vision has always been to help others with their vision. How could I do that if I wasnt confident enough to ac.plish my own vision? You get confidence by getting over yourself enough to understand that you need help. You need a coach and you need constant positive input into your life. If you arent willing to allow others to speak into your life, you will not ac.plish anything. People need other people. Even the greats like Tony Robbins have coaches. He spends ten million a year on coaching. Let me be your coach. Do you have something nagging at you telling you that you are NOT fulfilling the purpose you we put on Earth? I want to help you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: