Global tech line live Seoul east gate to watch live red envelopes guitarpro5

Global Tech line live Seoul east gate to watch the live broadcast of the red weekend wonderful content does not stop. On Saturday 19:00-21:00, Phoenix technology combined with the 8 little pig travel platform launched the "global Tech line" column will enter Seoul, korea. Seoul landmark building for seven days to go to work, you are not just want to stay at home on the weekend, although you have a good paralysis of the house, we bring you happiness. Seven days after the class you should come to the "global Tech" treat yourself "global Tech" visit South Korea is the east gate of Seoul famous, there are a lot of electronic products market, beauty makeup and clothing market, electronic products of high cold technology fan experience also, non standard largest building we DDP will the selected east gate of Seoul’s most famous place in the world, and a nearby electronics museum experience, do not go out to see the landmark of Seoul. Museum of art and design to say again, oh, October 15th, that is, this Saturday’s 19:00-21:00, lock Phoenix Technology studio. All the best content in the Phoenix News client technology channel, do not blame me not to tell you, there are a lot of red oh. Scan code direct live to see the red lead相关的主题文章: