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Go through the Millennium wenyuange Singapore experience Qiandao Lake Town native scene – Sohu Qiandao Lake Town Tourism meeting: May 2016 in Hangzhou Photography Festival has a pavilion on the Qiandao Lake underwater city photos, greatly shocked me, let’s take a look at this group of selected National Geographic Photo: in this ancient city group of Qiandao Lake in the picture, the magnificent arch building, a Chinese characters clearly visible, the dragon shaped brick dignified atmosphere, of course, the most surprising is that these ancient buildings are well preserved in the water. The lake is like a giant capsule of time, which makes these fine old buildings, and the erosion of nature and the grinding of the years do not seem to leave any trace of them. Recently, in the boundless spirit of cattle brother, after a detailed understanding of the mystery and pleasure of the place, as usual, to offer a complete version of "Wen Yuan Singapore perfect raiders". Take you to the room and board to play". Wen Yuan is located in the famous city, the first batch of Zhejiang Province town Jiang Jia Zhen town center, a lake of Chunan county government in two towns, the core of the strategy of the town center, the county government is careful efforts to build Qiandao Lake cultural tourism center; Tibetan Lake City Library thousand year. Wen Yuan Singapore, the underwater ancient Lion City 1400 civilization resurgence, leading the high quality leisure experience, Qiandao Lake is a cultural landmark, the one and only one-stop tourist destinations. The scenic area is a leisure and health experience, the high grade tourism destination, specific play products: underwater city sightseeing: underwater ancient lion city play lines for the main features of the products, such as wall echo, 7 church, city people etc.. Singapore – Singapore – Night Tour – Ree Hotel Singapore – A – angle Pt stage – Qin Chuan Heritage Village – Ree Hotel – Tong Yi, "platinum to eat in Singapore before: 1 cards: ID card, bank card, credit cards are good, there are other preferential certificates together with. But watch out for a little cash. Although the Internet is now very developed, but not all places can swipe or pay WeChat. 2, ticket: determine the travel time, advance travel vehicles, aircraft or high-speed train, the recent inspection of all kinds of more stringent, must leave enough time to go ahead. 3, photographic equipment: camera, wide-angle and telephoto lens, shutter shop, three tripod, sufficient battery charger, 4 digital: mobile phone, charging treasure, all kinds of charger, USB data line. 5, clothing categories: according to the length of time to determine the clothes. Check the weather in Qiandao Lake in advance. The summer climate is hot, the clothes as much as possible with a little, remember to take the skin clothes and hats, this season is still very hot. Must remember to bring suit, because wenyuange Singapore No pool! 6, equipped with drugs: clearing heat and detoxicating medicine or medicine, AIDS etc.. Itinerary: [DAY 1] August 1.相关的主题文章: