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Google tests a new mobile phone business, a number connected all devices, Google modular mobile phone decomposition demo Tencent digital news (Eskimo), according to foreign media reports, Google is preparing for its Google Fiber users to provide a new mobile phone service. If you understand Google’s style of action over the last few years, it shouldn’t be surprising how it works. With its help, Google Fiber users can use all of their devices using the same phone number, whether it’s smartphones or landline phones. In addition, they will also get some of the features of Google Voice, such as voice mail to send mail to the mailbox, in the form of spam filtering, call screening and disturbance mode. At present, only invited users can use Google Fiber Phone services, and Google will only invite users who have participated in Google Fiber trusted testers before the project – basically, this is a selective beta test. Google sends mail to the selected users, and the latter needs to respond within 1 weeks. If you agree to participate, Google will send a technical personnel for service settings. It is worth noting that testers are not allowed to disclose information about the service to the outside world. The media pointed out that if the service to all Google Fiber users launched, that Google will become a three service provider: voice, data and television. This will make it a Comcast similar operator, and the market share of the latter is obviously much larger than that of Google Fiber. At the same time, Google Fiber Phone will also become a stepping stone for Google’s cheap cellular service Project Fi. Source: PCMag

谷歌测试新手机业务 一个号码连接所有设备 谷歌模块化手机分解演示 腾讯数码讯(Eskimo)根据国外媒体报道,谷歌正打算为自己的Google Fiber用户提供一项新的手机服务。如果你了解谷歌在过去几年里的行事风格,那么这项服务的工作方式应该不会多么让人意外。在它的帮助下,Google Fiber用户可以让自己的所有设备使用同一个手机号码,不管是智能手机还是座机。此外,他们还将获得Google Voice的一些功能,比如语音信箱会以邮件的形式发送到邮箱当中、垃圾邮件过滤、呼叫筛选和勿扰模式。目前,只有受邀用户才能使用Google Fiber Phone服务,而谷歌只会邀请之前参与过Google Fiber受信测试者项目的用户——基本上讲,这是一项有选择性的beta测试。谷歌会向选中的用户发送邮件,后者则需要在1周之间进行回复。如果同意参与,谷歌便会派出一位技术人员进行服务设置。值得注意的是,测试者不得向外界公开该服务的相关信息。有媒体指出,如果该服务向所有Google Fiber用户推出,那谷歌将成为一个三重服务提供商:语音、数据和电视。这会使其成为Comcast类似运营商,而后者的市场份额显然比Google Fiber大得多。与此同时,Google Fiber Phone还将成为谷歌廉价蜂窝服务Project Fi的垫脚石。来源:PCMag相关的主题文章: