Hangzhou city residential garbage one meter high filled a stench kasey chase

Hangzhou city residential garbage one meter high filled a stench if not witnessed, the money newspaper reporter did not think of, is located in the center of Hangzhou Ping An Ju Xiao Qu, is such a "safe" residents in place: ChanYuanLou the door of garbage into more than one meter high, even if autumn, around still flies buzzing, filled with a stench, almost all of the residents home have their noses. Residents said that such a situation is not a day two days, the district is their own home, who endured every day to go home after the garbage heap? Community, property they have been looking for, but still no one to manage. So residents can only reflect the hotline to the mayor of 12345. Why do not clean up the garbage area? How long will it take? What should I do in the future? Yesterday, the evening news reporter came to the area within a look. Scene: garbage one meter high residential district is located in Zhongshan North Road peace in their noses and screen beside the street, built in 2006, only three residential buildings, more than and 410 households. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter had just walked into the District, a stench comes. In the area of a building unit door before the pile of garbage has surrounded the part of the green belt and the small road. This piece of rubbish is mainly garbage and kitchen waste, the door of the unit originally placed seven or eight trash has been filled, overflowing garbage at least tens of square meters, the highest place, has accumulated more than one meter. A piece of garbage flying above the fly below the sewers, some garbage have started to rot, around the stink. Residents quickly through their noses. "Do not look at our residential area called ‘safe home’, but live a little peace, and now we are living in the garbage heap, when really disgusting." Living in peace in more than sister area said that this piece of junk in the village at least have accumulated more than a week, and each has a residential building, they have to reflect the property, community, but are not what results. "I just heard that the property and sanitation all contradictions, but in any case, the pot can not let us back to the residents, so how do we live?" In addition to peace in the residential area outside the building, the money newspaper reporter also found that the district two building, and the door of the unit three, each with a lot of garbage. Some places have accumulated garbage into the parking spaces. Property: 2/3 residents do not pay property costs have been paid on the grounds of the garbage in the area for about 2000000 years no one to clean up? Residential property management director Chen sighed helplessly, this is a vicious cycle of consequences." Chen said the director of Ping An delivery in 2006, a total of more than and 410 households, but so far, there are more than 23 of the residents did not pay property fees on time. "We collect a monthly property costs ten thousand yuan less than now, the property company employee wages are not fast, normal operation is very difficult, basically rely on the company in other community service income Wuguan fee subsidies to the US, can barely support." Why are there so many residents do not pay property costs? Director Chen opened the book. "No. two and No. three building is a commercial housing, is the move back to the room, a layer of 21, 2"相关的主题文章: